This decentralized exchange is on a quest to become an all-in-one DeFi platform

A crypto trading hub is preparing to celebrate five years of innovation at the cutting edge of DeFi — enabling investors to execute trades with low fees.

Kyber Network has established a suite of products that traders, liquidity providers and developers rely on every day.

Through KyberSwap, tokens can be swapped immediately at highly competitive rates — and all without compromising on user experience. Deep liquidity is crucial, and this is aggregated through a plethora of DEX protocols.

Tools give developers the ability to innovate and build new applications that boast instantaneous exchanges of decentralized tokens, too.

And to ensure that everyone can have a say in this hub’s future direction, KyberDAO, a decentralized autonomous organization, enables participants to vote on upcoming governance proposals and have a stake in the platform’s success.

Kyber Network has achieved many milestones since it launched in 2017 — and to date, it’s facilitated over $7 billion in transactions for thousands of users. It was also one of the partners responsible for bringing Wrapped Bitcoin (wBTC) to the Ethereum blockchain (ETH), unlocking DeFi functionality for a brand-new audience as a result.

As quoted by the Kyber team: “In building a world to make DeFi accessible to all where any token is usable anywhere, addresses the core need for seamless token swaps and liquidity in the cryptocurrency ecosystem while providing the best rates for traders in DeFi and maximizing returns for liquidity providers.”

A vibrant ecosystem

Kyber brings together more than 80 decentralized exchanges — and these connections enable traders to get the best deal. Dynamic trade routing automatically scours the market for the best prices, and new DEXes are being added on a regular basis.

And in recent weeks, the platform unveiled its Discover feature, allowing traders to see tokens that are currently trending and tokens evaluated to be trending soon, based on KyberSwap’s TrueSight technology, as well as Pro Live Chart — a new tool that gives users an upper hand in their technical analysis. Crucially, this feature can be accessed in full-screen mode on laptops and desktops or in a mobile-friendly version for when traders are on the move.

Drawing tools empower analysts with a clean way of separating the signal from the noise — with charting data available for thousands of tokens. Prices are continually updated in real time, and analytics projects can be saved for later use.

The platform also has no plans to sit still and wants to be at the forefront of the next era in decentralized finance. Its investment arm — Kyber Ventures — is now playing a starring role in supporting entrepreneurs who are building up-and-coming protocols that are set to take the market by storm.

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A big name in DeFi

Kyber Network has also become a heavyweight in the DeFi space through high-profile partnerships with the likes of Signum Capital, Binance and Hashed — and was proud to serve as a sponsor for the Avax Summit in Barcelona back in March.

Other milestones include the introduction of Rainmaker, a liquidity mining program that has delivered tens of millions of dollars in rewards to traders who enhance liquidity on KyberSwap.

The past year has also heralded the arrival of the KyberSwap aggregator, which facilitates swaps on 11 chains, and direct collaborations with the foundations of major blockchains, including Avalanche (AVAX), BitTorrent (BTT), and Binance Coin (BNB).

With five years of experience under its belt, Kyber Network has all-important institutional memory — and has been a part of DeFi since its inception. This means the platform is well-placed for the next five years as decentralized finance goes increasingly mainstream.

An upcoming campaign will celebrate this special anniversary — and the Kyber Network is committed to user education, working with leading platforms like CoinGecko, Binance and more to create educational resources and Learn & Earn Programs. 

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