These Are Key Reasons Why Bitgert Price is Growing Faster Than Safemoon

Key Points

  • The Safemoon price to explode 10x this month, bigger than Safemoon
  • The Bitgert growing ecosystem keeps dominating Safemoon
  • The USDT/USDC Bridge attracts more Safemoon holders into Bitgert
  • 1000+ startup studio projects to Bitgert ahead of Safemoon in price growth

All signs indicate that Bitgert is the next big thing in the crypto industry. This is not the same with its once tough competitor Safemoon, whose currently shaky position. Bitgert has exhibited major price growth in just a short time since its launch, compared to Safemoon, whose growth has been bearish.

At the time of this writing, Bitgert price stood at $0.0000003927. The Bitgert price is expected to skyrocket by 10x by the end of this August to $0.000001. On the other hand, the price of Safemoon might increase two times from the current $0.0004093 to $0.0008. Therefore, Safemoon price growth is sluggish compared to the exponential growth of Bitgert.

Bitgert has emerged exemplary in terms of the growth of its ecosystem, even after being in the crypto market for just one year. Today, Bitgert holders enjoy the fruits of the already completed roadmap V1 delivery and the already ongoing roadmap V2 delivery.

Safemoon remains slow in terms of ecosystem growth, hence more chances of price reduction on Safemoon tokens. More disruptive products are expected to complement the Bitgert ecosystem, a core milestone against Safemoon.

Though the Bitgert BRC20 blockchain is a key fact, utility building on the chain is what makes Bitgert price do better than Safemoon. USDT/USDC bridge is one of them and has grown the Bitgert utility. The bridge has given even Safemoon holders holding BRISE makes some good profits due to the rising Bitgert coin price/value.

This is because the bridge allows individuals on BRC20-supported chains to swap their stablecoin into Bitgert. Analysts confirm that since the bridge launch, demand for Bitgert coin has soured high above Safemoon.

The fast growth speed exhibited by Bitgert coin is also attributed to the expected 1000+ projects from the startup studio program. These projects will increase the demand for the coin, hence growing the BRISE bigger than Safemoon. This mega program has compelled some Safemoon investors to sell their Safemoon holdings to buy $BRISE.

Centcex and Bitgert collaboration has significantly enhanced and improved the Bitgert ecosystem to outperform Safemoon. Unlike Safemoon, the Bitgert ecosystem is growing faster because of Centcex. This is another reason why Bitgert is outperforming Safemoon price growth.

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