The Power of Tracking DeFi Portfolio Across Various Networks Through KuCoin Wallet

We’re thrilled to announce that KuCoin Wallet has added support for DeFi assets, enabling users to manage DeFi assets on a number of protocols across various networks supported by KuCoin Wallet.

What are the benefits for DeFi participants?

From its establishment, KuCoin Wallet has strived to provide fast, efficient and convenient management of various digital assets for its users while ensuring a high level of security.

Across the blockchain market, DeFi based services remain relatively high as there’re always many users interacting with a large number of DApps across a wide range of networks. Consequently, enthusiast and professional cryptocurrency investors are always searching for tools to monitor their DeFi portfolio and the demand for user-friendly asset tracking is very high.

To satisfy the needs of various users, KuCoin Wallet has added support for DeFi assets, allowing users to track the balance of their investments in real-time across multiple DApps they interact with directly in wallets. Besides, KuCoin Wallet provides even more for DeFi users.

What benefits DeFi investors can get through KuCoin Wallet:

  • Single view of your entire DeFi assets
  • Real-time monitor of DeFi assets across various DApps and blockchains
  • User friendly, ease of use and high security
  • Allow users to track the amount and value of their investments
  • Track rewards of investments in staking pools and LPs
  • Display of lending assets

With the support for DeFi assets, KuCoin Wallet solved the major pain point for most crypto investors and DeFi participants, providing them with an easy and convenient solution to seamlessly track DeFi assets on mainstream blockchain networks.

KuCoin Wallet Head, Jeff, noted that “The support for DeFi assets portfolio is just one step further for KuCoin Wallet. In the realm of DeFi, we’ll provide even more functions for our users, serving as a one-stop crypto wallet for users to invest in popular DApps, view balance and rewards in a unified manner and manage DeFi assets in a simple way.”

How can users manage their DeFi assets?

KuCoin Wallet adopts the easiest way for users to their DeFi assets. After opening the KuCoin Wallet App, users can directly view their DeFi assets under the column of DeFi. Remember to update to the latest version firstly. You can follow the full tutorial in this article to learn how to view and manage your DeFi assets.

If you are a new user, get KuCoin Wallet here.

About KuCoin Wallet

KuCoin Wallet is a secure and easy-to-use crypto wallet that supports multi-chain aggregation powered by the KuCoin ecosystem. With the security expertise of KuCoin and the leading security technology audited by Hacken, KuCoin Wallet is a self-custody wallet with users having full control of their assets. KuCoin Wallet provides the easiest way for users to manage multi-chain assets and enables them to buy, store and view NFT collections directly within the wallet. KuCoin Wallet is a gateway to the world of Web3 for all crypto users.




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