The Full-Service DeFi Ecosystem of Superyachts

Dubai, United Arab Emirates, June 29, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Decentralized finance and the metaverse belong in a loving relationship, and YCLUB is launching an accessible and user-friendly platform to marry them with the world as witness.

YCLUB’s aim is to pair real-world assets with digital NFTs and a crypto-driven metaverse experience. Not only will this offer more value to YCLUB’s users than the average online community, it will actively attract investors who might otherwise shy away from all things DeFi.

The YCLUB Ecosystem

YCLUB combines the appeal of the emerging NFT market with the prestige of real-world superyachts. It also includes a robust metaverse experience exclusive to investors that brings together cutting edge eCommerce and online and real-world social events.

This project’s primary objective is to create recurring wealth for its users and to give them access to assets (such as superyachts) that are ordinarily only available to the super-rich.

Those who invest in YCLUB’s ecosystem (especially those who invest early in its development) will own part of the system itself as it grows and improves over time.


Many people have trouble understanding exactly what non-fungible tokens are or how they work. YCLUB’s solution to attract hesitant investors is to pair its NFT investments with real-world value such as real-world crowd-funded superyachts. When you invest in YCLUB, you’re not just investing in a top DeFi environment. You’re also investing in a revenue-generating Superyacht that sails the real oceans of the world.


Many investors consider decentralized finance the way of the future, and YCLUB aims to contribute to this development by making crypto transactions as simple and appealing as possible.

To join the crypto market, YCLUB will introduce the Superyacht Coin, or SYC. Those who hold SYC in their wallets will earn recurring rewards that can be claimed as fiat currency.

YCLUB Metaverse

The YCLUB metaverse will give users a digital space to meet and interact with each other, attend virtual events, and spend, invest, trade, and earn cryptocurrencies and NFTs. The wealth generated in the metaverse will benefit both the YCLUB community and the superyacht owners.

Disclaimer: None of the information in the above release should be construed as providing legal or financial advice. Please note there are always risks associated with smart contracts. Please use at your own risk. Do conduct your own due diligence and consult your financial advisor before making any investment decisions.

In order to remain compliant, and until we obtain adequate regulatory approvals, we will only allow accredited investors from the following countries The USA, Canada and Switzerland to register for the whitelist and to mint. Non-accredited investors from the above countries are not currently allowed to participate in the mint.


The world of luxury has evolved passed the physical and the material. To experience the full breath of luxury today is to enter a curated world; a world that understands one’s desires to be serviced in extravagance, entertained in excess, and provide you with more opportunities to indulge with others. Here at YCLUB, we unlock these experiences, giving unique access to worlds of luxury that most people couldn’t fathom without first hand knowledge. Our vision is to provide Super Yacht experiences, both in the Metaverse and IRL, for collectors looking to be a part of the extravagant worlds being built in Web3. Through this, collectors of YCLUB assets will have revenue share opportunities, membership access, and directly support cleaning the ocean through our green initiatives.

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  • YCLUB – The Full-Service DeFi Ecosystem of Superyachts
  • YCLUB – The Full-Service DeFi Ecosystem of Superyachts

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