The Exponential Growth of the Bitgert Ecosystem Could Overtake Solana

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Mumbai, Maharashtra, India:
 Blockchain & DLT technology/solutions have seen tremendous growth in recent years and attracted a huge round of investments. Given this developmental streak, it is time to keep an eye on the recent trends and also be aware of what is changing within space and what needs to be done to stay active and involved in the ecosystem. Companies need to keep abreast with the changes, especially since now lots of developers in the cryptocurrency space are pitting Bitgert against Solana. But why exactly are they talking about the two blockchains? The most common connection is how blockchains strike a balance between decentralization, security, and scalability. 

While this explanation looks easy to understand, only a reputed expert in the field and a blockchain development company working with this technology daily can understand and cater to the requirements precisely. Companies should believe in providing in-depth, clear, and thorough solutions as a part of their ethos. 

Here is where Rejolut comes in the blockchain expert, who works with startups and enterprises to build scalable products and teams in the web 3.0 space. Rejolut has been working in this space for 3 years and built a team of 80+ blockchain/Crypto developers to help one scale in the web3.0 space based on their previous experience of building 50+ products in this space.

Navigating Both Ecosystems

“Bitgert is a proof-of-authority (POA) consensus blockchain secured by double-sign detection and other slashing logic. The network selects validators through bonding, and the blockchain supports EVM smart contracts and cross-chain transfer of assets. It also offers near-zero transaction fees and swift finality. Brise Chain uses Clique, a Geth consensus engine selected for its shorter block time and resistance to 51% attacks. It prevents centralization using a delegation and staking mechanism similar in many ways to Cosmos with some fork from the Bor POA consensus,” comments Amit Kumar (Co-founder), Rejolut

He further, when differentiating the two platforms, mentions a little about Solana too. Solana uses proof-of-history POH, a novel architecture that verifies order and the passage of time between events on the blockchain and encodes the passage of time into a distributed ledger in an append-only data structure. PoH also cuts block finality by reducing block overhead in a Byzantine-Fault-Tolerant machine state. It implements PoH using a proof-of-replication mechanism to prevent forgery and order blocks on the ledger in relation to time. Solana also enables developers to build user-friendly applications like Solanart that one may have interacted with while using the Solana ecosystem. Solana maintains composability on the network by maintaining a single global state across the blockchain.

Why Does Bitgert Sound Like the Future?

“Bitgert offers to stake with BUSD rewards.” The Bitgert token, Brise, also has a defined buyback function, which helps in price growth and increases scarcity. Brise will also power payment systems using Bitgert’s decentralized application wallet with zero transaction fees. “With Solana development being a bit complex and Rust, the blockchain’s programming language, somewhat unpopular, Ethereum developers and others may start building the best applications on Bitgert, driving more value to an ecosystem that already rewards users to a large extent,” he concludes.


An award-winning blockchain development company, Rejolut provides professional blockchain and DLT solutions and consultancy to start-ups and enterprises. The company is known to use the same latest technology as used by some of the leading blockchain networks and protocols like Ethereum, Hedera, Tezos, Blockapps, Unisawp, Solana, Cardano, Polygon, Aave protocols, etc. to help companies speed up and scale Web3.0 adoption. Rejolut employs only the latest and highly sophisticated technology to guide and help enterprises and startups win big in the blockchain ecosystem. 

With a list of A-list companies as clients and partners, such as, MyearthID, CoinSwitch, CoinDCX, XeniApp, BlocKApps, Hedera, and Polygon, Rejolut’s expertise stands testimony to the progress and growth it has offered its partners over the years. Rejolut believes in strong execution, and the company is always looking at opportunities to assist and help companies grow with prowess within the blockchain ecosystem. So, if you have the vision, Rejolut will help execute it with ease. Build and scale your dream web3.0 product and team with Rejolut to journey through the blockchain ecosystem with ease and unprecedented growth.


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