The Bitgert Coin Phenomenon: A Worthy Competitor to Ethereum

Bitgert is making waves across the cryptocurrency industry due to the huge growth it’s experiencing. It’s fast gaining momentum in this space due to the price progress it has achieved in recent years.

With over 100% growth in the last few months, speculations have been made regarding its future. It has been tipped by many investors to become a top coin, giving other major coins, like Ethereum, a run for their money.

Chances are high that this happens due to the solid structure on which Bitgert is built.

Bigert’s Structure And Performance

Bitgert operates via a mechanism called the ‘Deflationary mechanism’. This means that for every transaction conducted, a part of the transaction is burnt. This aggressive burning structure is one of the triggers to the continuous pump in the coin’s value.

This pump is noticed in the level of rise since the coin’s launch, marking over a 30,000% difference. Despite the launch, its market cap is still moderate, giving it a chance to pump even higher than it has achieved.

Several analysts have predicted it will outperform several top tokens soon.

Similarities Between Bitgert And Ethereum

Bitgert has shown some level of similarities with Ethereum in so many ways. Its compatibility with Ethereum Virtual Machine allows it to carry out blockchain contracts and supports Defi alongside NFTs. The structure with which Bitgert is built is centered on giving users the utmost blockchain experience, just as Ethereum is built. Both coins are also known to be of quality with massive potential in the future. It will be interesting to see what the future holds for both.

The Edge Bitgert Has Over Ethereum

It is safe to say that Ethereum laid the foundation of smart contracts in the blockchain industry. However, it lacks in certain areas, which Bitgert has proven better at.

In terms of scalability, Bitgert has an edge with its zero gas fee compared to Ethereum and its high gas fee. This has made many investors opt for a better option and increased the performance of Bitgert.

Ethereum can not match the swift pace of carrying out transactions on Bitgert. This has drastically improved investors’ experience, making it easier to carry out transactions.

Bitgert is experiencing a flowing uptrend compared to Ethereum, which moves slower compared to Bitgert, making it quite evident as to why Bitgert is a better option.


Bitgert is clearly showing better potential than Ethereum. Comparisons on their individual market cap clearly show Bitgert has higher chances of going far beyond the moon, giving investors an excellent chance to make good returns. However, investors must carry out necessary research to gain better insight into the best option to follow.

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