Terra developers get lured with better offers from rival companies 

Several companies are already luring Terra developers to sign up for their separate offerings, promising them more pay.

The Terra ecosystem’s downward spiral has sparked a poaching tendency among other blockchain startups. 

Rival firms are searching the globe for Terra developers.

Who all are these companies?

VeChain, an enterprise-grade layer-1 smart contract platform, is one of these firms. 

Terra developers in particular were publicly contacted by the company, who were told that if they suddenly found themselves with a lot of free time, they could apply for a grant and earn up to $30,000 if chosen to start developing on VeChain.

In addition, the Kadena layer-1 blockchain launched a $10 million fund specifically to recruit Web3 engineers. 

Although it does not specifically mention Terra developers, the fund’s announcement tweet on Friday refers to recent events that have had a significant impact on developers, hinting that it is aimed at Terra developers.

In addition, Polygon, one of the largest blockchains in terms of total value locked (TVL), is currently recruiting Terra developers to join their team.

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Polygon Studios CEO Ryan Wyatt told TechCrunch over the weekend that the firm has revealed a “relatively unlimited multimillion-dollar fund” to encourage developers to switch to the Ethereum sidechain scaling solution.

Wyatt said, “I want the fund to be big enough to take on any developers from the failing blockchain ecosystem.”

To assist the developer fund, Polygon secured $450 million in February from Sequoia Capital and other investors.

Terra 2.0 is recovering

Despite the introduction of Terra 2.0, the ecosystem as a whole, including Terra Classic, is still recovering from various disasters. The pricing of Luna Classic (LUNC) and the new LUNA token were mismatched, exposing Mirror Protocol to an ongoing attack.

Validators on the old chain verified the pricing oracle’s broadcast, allowing an attacker to steal more than $2 million by assaulting and draining many pools on the synthetic assets protocol.

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