Ternoa, the First NFT-Centric Blockchain Partners With Tier-1 Play-and-Earn Cross the Ages to Develop the Gaming Experience of Tomorrow

New York, United States, 22nd June, 2022, Chainwire

Ternoa, a layer 1 open-source blockchain ecosystem developed to facilitate the adoption of utilitarian NFTs, joins forces with Cross The Ages in an effort to build an immersive and long-lasting gaming experience in Web3. Unlike any other blockchain solution, Ternoa is scalable, carbon-efficient, low fees and 100% optimized to program NFTs with utility. The project gives developers a JS SDK to easily build upon utility NFTs, access to independent infrastructure, nodes, developers’ community, funding, and more.

The 2022 winner of Best Gamefi Project at AIBC, Cross The Ages begins with a free-to-play NFT-collectible card game fully built on blockchain technology. But its ambition is to be way more than a card game with the creation of an entire immersive gaming experience. The founding team holds a track record of 50 successful video games developed over 30 years in the gaming industry. Cross The Ages is the only card game in the world that enables the full value chain cycle from digital cards on mobile phones, through decentralized and mintable non-fungible tokens (NFTs) on a blockchain all the way to physical cards in the real world that are secured with near field communication technology (NFC). 

“We chose to build on Ternoa because it brings the technology that Cross The Ages needs to reach our long-term vision and create the gaming experience of the future,” Sami Chlagou, CEO of Cross The Ages. 

As  Cross The Ages starts to use Ternoa’s native features, Cross The Ages becomes the first game in the market harnessing the power of the next-generation utility NFTs. The decision to use Ternoa’s infrastructure was based upon three key factors: 1) true ownership; 2) data longevity; 3) interoperability. 

“Cross the Ages is very ambitious and that’s why Ternoa came into their universe. We are going to build fantastic future-proof features focused on user experience,” Mickael Canu, Co-Founder & CEO of Ternoa. 

A combination of decentralization with data encryption allows for transparent and risk-free digital assets ownership. In simple words, only those players of the Cross the Ages who own the NFT can access its attached content. Ternoa also enables all projects building on top of them to store and easily access the data through decentralized storage. Such solutions guarantee that contents purchased through NFTs will outlast their first holders. Built with Substrate, Ternoa can seamlessly connect gaming communities, allowing for the restriction-free exchange of information and sharing of the network improvements at scale. 

Ternoa is dedicated to creating immersive experiences with Web3 games using next-generation utility NFTs. The project invites developers interested in contributing to their open-source layer 1 solution to join their Discord community. 

About Ternoa 

Ternoa is a layer 1 open-source blockchain ecosystem that facilitates the adoption of utilitarian NFTs by giving developers a full technological stack, access to independent infrastructure, nodes, developers’ community, and funding. 




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