SoLVBL Solutions Inc says its digital payment instrument authentication seal wins Notice of Allowance from US Patent Office

The Notice of Allowance will allow the company to aggressively market its solutions to the distributed financial (DeFi) and centralized financial (CeFi) sector

SoLVBL Solutions Inc announced that the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) has issued a Notice of Allowance for its patent application.

The company application is entitled ‘Method and System for Digital Payment Instrument Deployment of Authentication Seal’.

The Notice of Allowance means that the USPTO would issue the patent after certain formal steps have been completed, the company said. 

“This is a very important next step in the development of SoLVBL’s technology offering,” said SoLVBL CEO Kaiser Akbar in a statement. “It is something we have been working very hard on for quite some time, and it is a great milestone for the company.”

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SoLVBL noted that the Notice of Allowance will allow it to aggressively market its solutions to the distributed financial (DeFi) and centralized financial (CeFi) sectors. 

This newly granted Notice of Allowance together with a previously granted US patent 11 strengthens the company’s intellectual property in data authentication and cryptographic validation of data — allowing for an acceleration of the company’s move into the digital payment sector.

“We have been enhancing strong intellectual property protection around our assets, and we continue to create value for our Company,” said Akbar. “This new Notice of Allowance allows us to protect our technology portfolio and continue to develop data authentication products for the financial services sector. We strongly believe that digital currencies and digital payment systems will play an integral role in the global economy for the foreseeable future, and our digital payment authentication seal has the opportunity to be a large part of this future.”

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