Solana and VeChain Face Major Price Dip, Investors Move To NuggetRush


  • VeChain is down by 12.0% in the past month.
  • A whale has transferred $158 million of Solana to Coinbase, leading to the possibility of further losses.
  • Investors are now shifting up to NuggetRush for 50x gains that would occur after it is launched.

The recent crypto news shows that VeChain has lost an impressive 12.0% on the monthly chart. Further, a whale sent $158 million worth of Solana to Coinbase, suggesting that Solana might drop more.

On account of this bearish news, investors are turning their attention to NuggetRush, the top ICO that has already rocked the crypto market. The analysts have predicted monstrous returns that can be as high as 50x with its launch in under five days.

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NuggetRush (NUGX) Launch in 5 Days, Analysts Predict 50x Surge

NuggetRush (NUGX) has captured the attention of investors as its presale draws to a close. Investors have bought over 270 million tokens so far. The price is expected to increase now that the crypto ICO is funded.

One factor attracting investors to the platform is its engaging crypto mining game. The game is developed on the Ethereum blockchain, enabling players to participate in mining contests. Participants of these mining challenges can also win trending NFTs, tokens for free, and gaming items. In addition, the safety of the place and the culture have been the pinnacle draws.

In addition, NuggetRush is going to release an NFT marketplace. At this place, the players can make trades for profitable precious minerals, character NFTs, and unique RUSHGEM NFTs. Additionally, they can also stake these best NFTs for making passive income with them.

Those who missed joining at the beginning of the presale can do so soon on DEXs and see 50x gains after launch.

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VeChain (VET) Price Analysis 

VeChain (VET), the sustainability-driven coin, has dropped 12.0% in the past month. During this period, VeChain’s price fluctuated between a low of $0.03673 and a high of $0.05261. The altcoin recorded 16 green days out of 30, which is a good performance compared to others.

Currently, VeChain has a Fear & Greed Index of 79 (Extreme Greed) and is expected to see gains in the coming months. Its RSI is at 55.68 and could rise in the coming days. If this happens, VeChain could rise above the 50-Day SMA ($0.043950) and towards the $0.05261 monthly high.

Whale Moves $158 Million Worth Of Solana (SOL)

Solana (SOL) experienced a large whale transaction at the beginning of April. Data from Whale Alert revealed that over $158 million worth of Solana was moved to Coinbase. Also, the transfer occurred in three transactions with the first involving 201,629 SOL ($39.6 million).

The second and third deals concerned 201,629 SOL ($39.6 million) and 202,279 SOL ($39.7 million), respectively. Although the motive for the withdrawal is not known, the liquidation of these coins would impact the Solana altcoin price. The price of SOL at present is $181.72 – $203.10, with a 1% weekly loss.


Following VeChain and Solana’s fall in prices, investors have been looking for drastic returns. NuggetRush is a tempting option due to profits, which are forecasted to reach 50x after the launch. NuggetRush has emerged as the best coin to invest in due to its gaming platform, which has attracted bullish attention.

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