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The blockchain landscape can be a tricky one to navigate, and understanding it often requires significant research and expertise. But the good news is that select projects are emerging and offering innovative solutions that stand out from the competition. 

SmarterWorx is a new exciting art investment platform that just opened its presale and already showed its strength against two leading industry players, Cosmos Hub (ATOM) and Chainlink (LINK). 

Why should you invest in art?

Art is a captivating medium of expression and personal communication that has impacted visual culture for centuries. While many people may purchase art to decorate their homes, few consider it a financial investment. As the contemporary art market expands, savvy investors become aware that art can be a lucrative and diverse commodity.

The major benefit of investing in art is the potential for long-term appreciation. While the broader stock and crypto markets may go up and down, a significant portion of the art market comprises masterpieces that never go out of fashion.

Many artists are experiencing long-term upticks in their prices, and artwork can be sold for hundreds of times the original purchase price. For instance, ‘Propped,’ a famous piece by Jenny Saville, was initially purchased at $5,248 and was sold for $12.4 Million after some years. This was a phenomenal 236,180% increase and once again proves the potential of investing in undervalued art with growth potential.  

Why SmarterWorx?

While art may be a wise investment, it can be challenging to identify works with true appreciation potential. Therefore, SmartWorx functions as a helpful intermediary between you and the art world.

SmarterWorx is a unique fractional art investment platform that promises to construct a portfolio of contemporary physical art and each item’s digital twins (1-of-1 matching NFT) chosen by a team of experienced researchers. This portfolio will guarantee the ARTX Token’s long-term stability and uphold its floor price. 

SmarterWorx protocol also adopts a deflationary mechanism to help ARTX prices navigate well during crypto winter. Notably, 1% of all transactions will be burned, together with 50% of the profits from selling NFTs.

SmarterWorx has successfully passed an audit from Solidity Finance, highlighting their innovative services are genuinely reliable and built by professionals. 

Thus, with the growing awareness of art’s potential, SmarterWorx is expected to attract a broader audience.


Cosmos Hub (ATOM)

Often referred to as “the internet of blockchains,” the Cosmos Ecosystem is rapidly gaining popularity. It aspires to be a network of independent blockchains that can communicate with one another and conduct business using common open-source technologies. 

However, when it comes to ATOM as an investment option, seeing a profit is difficult, as it has an unlimited supply, and the price will always struggle to rise, especially during the crypto winter.


Chainlink (LINK)

Chainlink is an oracle network that allows smart contracts on blockchains to interact with the outside world. Chainlink can respond to data requests from smart contracts by gathering information from various sources and combining it into a single, trustworthy source. 

The operators of the Chainlink network are compensated in LINK, Chainlink’s native currency, for completing data requests via smart contracts.

Final Takeaway

Making art a broadly accessible investment is SmarterWorx’s major advantage. Despite the impact of chaotic market fluctuations on the crypto and stock markets, the art market has remained stable and maintained its buying influence throughout. Therefore, ARTX is believed to differentiate itself from traditional crypto assets with a suite of innovative features backed by secure protocols, a strong development team, and actual ROI.

Learn More About SmarterWorx:

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