SmarterWorx (ARTX), Chainlink (LINK), And Internet Computer (ICP) Could Outpace Dogecoin (DOGE)

Dogecoin has received a lot of hype from social media influencers, including Tesla and SpaceX founder Elon Musk, the wealthiest businessman on the planet. Dogecoin’s momentum began in early 2021 due to its unique crypto classification as the world’s first meme coin. Dogecoin debuted in late 2013 from a partnership between software engineers Billy Markus and Jackson Palmer. The project aimed to create an international payment system as a ‘joke,’ citing the hype around cryptocurrencies at that time. Although the project has been around for some time, its meme status deprives it of expanding further, giving room for projects with a utility such as Chainlink, Internet Computer, and SmarterWorx.


Chainlink and Internet Computer attract DOGE whales

Chainlink is a massive utility project that deploys decentralized oracle networks. The network provides a tamper-proof and computation smart contracting platform that is interoperable in any blockchain. 

On the other hand Internet computer is a unique DeFi platform that allows developers to create decentralized web services such as applications and websites. Both Chainlink and Internet Computer have the potential to massively reward investors who can readily invest in the platforms through their ecosystem tokens LINK and ICP, respectively.

SmarterWorx will revolutionize the entire DeFi space

SmarterWorx is one of the newest and most unique projects surfacing on the internet. Powered by blockchain technology, SmarterWorx is designed to unite art lovers, NFT enthusiasts, and investors by helping the parties create wealth. The platform is a rare project expected to open a funding platform where retail investors can invest in elite art. Art has previously outperformed the S&P 500 in terms of annual returns, making SmarterWorx the best choice for investors. In 2021 the art market increased by 29% in total sales volume, an incredible increase.

The project has successfully passed an audit conducted by Solidity Finance. SmarterWorx is currently in presale, selling its governing token, ARTX, at a discount from its launch price. SmarterWorx’s presale will last for ten cycles to successfully distribute 600 million ARTX users to pioneering crypto enthusiasts and art lovers. Funds raised during the presale cycles will be pulled together in a treasury fund that will set aside funds for each art piece collected. Before investing in any collectible, a team of art specialists and curators will carefully select and isolate art pieces with the most intrinsic value.


After the purchase, the tangible art will be handed over to for preservation and tokenization until the pieces are appreciated and sold. SmarterWorx’s profits from the portfolio of art will be routed back to ARTX holders. The more the art appreciates, the higher the token’s value rises. Moreover, ARTX holders will be privileged to receive more ARTX tokens as staking rewards. A marketplace for selling NFTs is also on the roadmap to make the project successful and attract more users and investors.

Last Remarks

Investors can become part of this magnificent ecosystem by buying and holding ARTX tokens now during the project’s launch and after the official debut. 

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