Safemoon Price Might Drop More, Good Time To Invest In Bitgert

Safemoon performance has been deteriorating, and this can be seen from the project’s data. The SFM coin has been plummeting for the past 30 days when its competitor, Bitgert, was skyrocketing during the same period. In fact, Safemoon has also been dropping for almost the whole of 2022.

The ongoing development is that Safemoon might drop in the coming days, and April might see a coin that is still plummeting. During the same period, Experts say that Bitgert will be exploding. But why would such coins that once were top competitors grow in two different directions? Read more below:



The growth projections for the Bitgert project are that the coin will be skyrocketing from now going into April. There are a number of things that have made crypto analysts settle into this prediction. First, in a few weeks’ time will see the team launch one of the major products for the Brise chain, which is the Bitgert exchange.

The Bitgert team has also announced the launch of 100+ products in the next 30 days, and 1000+ projects will be launched this year. Therefore, Bitgert will be one of the largest ecosystems in the market in the coming days in terms of projects. Most of these projects are built on the Bitgert Startup Studio.

The Bitgert bridge will also be super impactful in the coming few days. Many developments will go into launching the Brise exchange, which will be a centralized exchange. The team is also working on the Bitgert roadmap V2.0. Therefore, today would be the best time to invest in Bitgert.



The Safemoon project has not been doing well in 2022 as the coin has been plunging for most of the time. There are a number of factors that have caused Safemoon to perform so badly, and one of them is poor products delivery. The project’s roadmap has almost stalled with just two major products launched over the past year.

That’s why Bitgert and many other younger projects are outperforming Safemoon. The ongoing developments might drop the price of the Safemoon coin when Bitgert is skyrocketing. One of the latest developments of the Safemoon lawsuit has been one of the most discussed topics about this project.

If the courts find that Safemoon has a case to answer, it will negatively impact the SFM. The fast launch of Bitgert products is also going to make Safemoon less attractive.

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