Safemoon and Babydoge Hype Overtaken by Bitgert in the Past 7 Days

The past 7 days have been tough for the cryptocurrency industry as the bear market has hit it a number of times. The overall market performance has been falling, with Bitcoin trading below $40k again this month. Safemoon and Babydoge have also been plunging as their hype has been fading quickly.

The coin overtaking Safemoon, Babydoge, and many other crypto coins hype has been Bitgert (BRISE), which has been doing so well in the past 7 days. Bitgert is now among the top trending cryptocurrencies across the world, according to google trends search. Here is more about these cryptocurrencies:



The Bitgert coin’s hype has been spreading like wildfire in the crypto market. This is after the project launched its blockchain, Bitgert BRC20 blockchain. The Bitgert chain is gasless as the cost of the gas fee is 0.000021 BRISE, which may be equated to about $0.0000000000001 depending on the price of $BRISE. This is the lowest gas fee ever in the industry and solves the problem of the expensive gas fee.

This is one of the biggest reasons Bitgert has overtaken Safemoon and Babydoge hype, as these networks still don’t have their own blockchains. In addition to that, being the fastest chain in the industry is also making Bitgert very attractive.



The Bitgert coin is doing very well today, but Centcex might be the next big thing in the crypto industry. The biggest reason why the crypto community believes Centcex is the project to watch is the huge number of products the project is building for its ecosystem. The team says of an unlimited number of products.

With a huge number of products, it means mass adoption of Centcex, which will result in a bullish token. It also means a huge reward for the staked Centcex tokens. These are the reasons why Centcex has become increasingly popular with crypto investors.



The Safemoon is one of the coins that have been losing its hype over the past 7 days to Bitgert. When Bitgert was skyrocketing, Safemoon was plunging. In fact, many SFM investors have been joining Bitgert, especially after the launch of the BRC20 blockchain. Safemoon has not built its own blockchain and has delivered very few products.

The fast roadmap delivery on products is one of the reasons why Bitgert has overtaken Safemoon hype. With the ongoing lawsuit against Safemoon, the coin might continue losing its hype, while Bitgert is projected to keep getting bigger with the launch of its exchange.



With all the hype that has been built around the Babydoge project, it has not delivered as Bitgert has done. In fact, over the past 7 days, Bitgert has proven to be the best project with impressive price growth. Babydoge has been doing well in building its community with over a million holders.

However, there has been little effort put into building Babydoge products, which is why Bitgert is overtaking the hype. Babydoge has not started building its own blockchain or even an exchange. That’s why Bitgert is overtaking Babydoge fast, and this trend is expected to continue.

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