Rocketize Token Hype Continues In The Crypto Community As Near Protocol And Bitcoin Cash Fumble

Not many new crypto projects have received the kind of hype the community behind Rocketize Token throws at the project. The community is one of Rocketize Token’s strongholds and could help it to reach the moon someday.

Near Protocol and Bitcoin Cash are two popular crypto projects/networks that have not been up to many traders’ expectations. The community behind these coins will have to hold longer until the next bull run to behold their full potential.

Why is Rocketize Token (JATO) hyped so much by the community, and why are Near Protocol and Bitcoin Cash not trending? Let’s find out down the line in this article.

Near Protocol’s Bullish Trend Slows Down After A Brief Positive Signal

Near Protocol prides itself as a blockchain for the masses. It brags about offering scalable blockchain services with low fees and a fast network. Near Protocol is also an Ethereum Killer and is often put in the same table as Avalanche, Solana, Cardano, and so forth.

Near Protocol had a fair share of the crypto winter which affected its unit price very much. Before the crypto winter struck, Near Protocol (NEAR) reached a milestone of nearly $21 according to data collected from CoinMarketCap.

Near Protocol dropped below $2 and was aiming to drop further, before a new positive signal in the last quarter of the year caused it to range between $1 and $2. Recent reports before the new year showed that Near Protocol’s bullish trend had slowed down, and could continue at this pace longer unless there is positive news from its community and ecosystem.

Bitcoin Cash Seconds Near Protocol In Slowing Down Amid Expectations From Traders

Bitcoin Cash (BCH) has always followed Bitcoin’s trends. Despite being created for the purpose of out-scaling Bitcoin, it is yet to lose itself of Bitcoin’s grip. Bitcoin Cash later split into another Bitcoin fork called Bitcoin Satoshi’s Vision (BSV) — a project that has barely reached the expectations of its community.

Bitcoin Cash lost a huge portion of its unit value over the crypto winter. Before now, it had a unit value of more than $4,350. Bitcoin Cash has lost more than 97% of its all-time high value. The Q4 crypto trend was about setting Bitcoin Cash on the road to a new high when the FTX-induced market crash happened.


Rocketize Token Could Be The Big Winner As The Hype Continues

The community behind Rocketize Token has been relentlessly ensuring its presale becomes a success. Across social media communities, the community has been resourceful in preaching the Rocketize gospel.

Rocketize Token is a meme coin set to power Web3 protocols, including crypto and NFT trading. There could be a Metaverse service someday on Rocketize.

At the moment, Rocketize Token’s presale is all that is on the table. As new enthusiasts join Rocketize Token’s presale there are chances the presale price could appreciate. You can join the presale while its costs are still fair.

There are plans to reward early birds exclusively when the protocol becomes a full-blown ecosystem.

To find out more about the Rocketize (JATO) token, check out the following links:




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