Revolutionizing Domain Ownership And “WiFi Money”

The internet changed how people do business and their interaction with the world. Over the past years, blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies provided the ingredients to take this transformation to the next level into a nascent sector called Web3.

Today we will explore W3DNA, a Web3 domain service that leverages the power of these new technologies to provide their users with more power and provide you with a new opportunity to make money.

Why should you start using W3DNA and embrace Web3 and its advantages over the old internet? And how can you start making money off Web3 domains? We explore all of this and more in the W3DNA       domains review.

Before we get started, we briefly list some of W3DNA’s pros and cons:

Pros Cons
✔      The platform allows you to make a one-time purchase for a domain and own it forever without additional fees.

✔      Decentralized service with more ownership and control over a domain without relying on third parties.

✔      A long list of available domains is accessible via multiple payment methods, including crypto, credit card, PayPal, and others.

✔      An early sector with the capacity for exponential growth.

✔      Freedom to trade your domains, hold, purchase, and sell them for a profit.

🗶        Domain prices vary and can experience volatility. If you purchase a domain at $100, it can easily be worth $10,000 over the long term as more people adopt them.

🗶       The service is aimed at a specific audience interested in digital assets and cryptocurrencies. If your business does not need this technology, likely, you don’t need Web3 domains.

What are W3DNA Domains?

Currently based on Binance Smart Chain (BSC), Ethereum and its layer 2 Polygon blockchain protocols with support for more to be added soon, the W3DNA protocol is a non-fungible token (NFT) extensionless domain, name, and account service. This platform allows you to sign in and acquire usernames that operate as Web3 domains.

For example, an individual could sign in on the platform and obtain the domain “Mike” rather than a .com domain or extension domain, such as .eth, .org, .net, .edu, .gov. This system was launched in the 1980s and has been reinvented by W3DNA using NFTs and blockchain technology.

This domain allows you to interact with the Web3 ecosystem, receive and send payments with cryptocurrencies, own your domain forever on the blockchain, store data, send messages, and much more.

You don’t need multiple accounts or additional fees; you can access these services by owning your Web3 domain. These Web3 accounts/domains simplify the process of managing your contacts and owning a business, and they connect multiple services under a single platform. You pay once; you get control and these benefits for eternity.

Why are Web3 domains safer than Web2?

As of this review, W3DNA domains trade for a bargain of their use case and utility. Many potential users still need time to understand non-extension domains and their benefits compared to Web2 domains. There are concerns that these services are unsafe and risky.

However, Web3 domains are far more secure and with better capabilities than their legacy counterparts. They allow users to store their information and protect it with the power of decentralized blockchain networks, which are impossible to breach for any single entity.

The owner is the only one capable of accessing their data and can do so without depending on an external service or provider. This characteristic makes NFT domains resilient to censorship and gives owners more freedom to run a business or manage their data.

No one can shut you down if you own your domain and control your data. In that sense, W3DNA is a powerful alternative for users that want to exercise their freedom of speech away from social media platforms owned by big tech companies.

Furthermore, as you own a unique domain forever, and with a low percentage of the population jumping into the sector, early adopters can buy these domains at a low price and multiply their initial investment. Some of the best features of NFT domains are:

  • Impossible to suffer from DDoS attacks because the domain is stored on a blockchain protected by not one but thousands of servers.
  • Easy to securely manage and own your data while linking it to crypto wallets, message applications, and much more.
  • Protection against bad actors, such as scammers, due to its no extension capabilities. You can create one unique domain that scammers and bad actors cannot replicate.
  • Compatible with multiple crypto and Web3 ecosystems.

How to earn on W3DNA Domains?

As mentioned, W3DNA domains trade for a very low price, but their prices will likely trend to the upside over the long run. Their use cases, uniqueness, features, and the power they provide to owners will continue to see a spike in demand in the future.

If you acquire an NFT domain now, you can trade it using popular platforms, such as OpenSea or Rarible. The upside potential for these domains has already proven valuable to investors. When the Ethereum Name Service launched, early investors sold their domains for hundreds of thousands of dollars.

As seen in the image below, the pjfi.eth domain was initially purchased for 0.12 ETH, pennies on the dollar, and it was recently sold for almost half a million dollars. W3DNA offers a similar or greater upside potential due to its unique features and benefits.

In the past two months, NFTs and NFT domains have seen more adoption and integration with traditional sectors, from sports to entertainment. Investors are jumping into the nascent asset class to protect their wealth against inflation and leverage the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

Similar to what happened in the stock market in the early 2000s, when companies like Google, Amazon, Apple, and others allowed early adopters to access generational wealth, NFTs can open this door for the class of 2022 and beyond.

How to buy and sell NFT domains

If you are an NFT domain owner, you can access OpenSea or Rarible and trade your digital assets from anywhere around the world to all types of investors with access to deep liquidity. Unlike traditional financial assets, you don’t have limitations to buy, sell, or hold your NFT domains.

You can simply connect your MetaMask wallet to OpenSea, using the wallet icon on this marketplace, create or access your account, and buy or sell the domain of your choice. OpenSea will provide you with multiple options to sell or purchase digital assets for an optimal price.


The price of W3DNA NFT domains is moving upward and will continue to trend in this direction over the coming years. The project is implementing new use cases and features to attract new users.

In 2023, the project will launch its Web3 browser for mobile and desktop computers. The browser will have Web3 use cases and be powered by blockchain technology. This event will simplify people’s access to NFT domains and mark a major adoption event that could increase the price of these assets.

In addition, W3DNA partnered with Chiko & Roko, a popular NFT project that has seen over 700,000 users purchase their assets. Moreover, the project will allow adopters to integrate their features with Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Brave, and Microsoft Edge, the biggest browsers in the world.

The internet, user data, and communications are fast on track to integrate with blockchain technology completely. For early backers and investors, the opportunities to leverage this trend are vast and could generate a unique opportunity to accumulate wealth and embrace the future.



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