Polygon’s AggLayer Wants to Be a Hub for Ethereum Layer 2s. Can It Succeed?

Polygon’s Agglayer aims to address the monolithic vs. modular blockchain debate with a decentralized protocol that allows chains to interact with one another.

Posted April 9, 2024 at 7:00 am EST.

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Polygon Labs CEO Marc Boiron and co-founder Brendan Farmer discussed everything about the AggLayer, a decentralized protocol built by Polygon that enables fast, secure cross-chain interactions and allows different chains to use the same native bridge. This allows users to seamlessly move assets across chains in the AggLayer ecosystem.

The AggLayer aims to unify blockspace so that it feels like a single chain, improving user experience. Boiron and Farmer also discussed the potential for Layer 2 solutions to scale Ethereum, the benefits of zero-knowledge technology, and the future of Polygon’s proof-of-stake chain.

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Show highlights:

  • Background of Brendan and Marc and how they joined Polygon
  • A brief description of what Polygon is overall
  • What the AggLayer is and how it aims to enable the best of monolithic and modular blockchains
  • How Brendan differentiates the AggLayer from its competitors, such as Optimism’s Superchain or Cosmos and why he believes that zk-technology is such a game changer
  • How the interoperability experience gets better in such a system, according to Marc and Brendan, and what will become possible that’s not now
  • Which chains can use the AggLayer and how it works to improve security across chains
  • The tradeoffs between the various types of zkEVM provers
  • How projects should decide their architecture and when it would make sense to tap the AggLayer
  • Why projects should build on the AggLayer, including layer 1s, according to Marc
  • How Layer 1s can still join the AggLayer and retain their own consensus and sovereignty
  • Why Polygon believes that zk-technology is the future of blockchain architecture
  • Why the Polgyon zkEVM suffered an outage on March 30
  • Whether Layer 3s are needed to scale the Ethereum ecosystem
  • Why Brendan believes that EigenLayer is not a good fit for rollups to use
  • The transition of the Polygon PoS chain to become an Ethereum L2 using the AggLayer
  • When EIP-4844/Dencun will go live on Polygon

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  • Marc Boiron, CEO of Polygon Labs
    • Previous appearances on Unchained:
  • Brendan Farmer, co-founder of Polygon and co-lead of Polygon Zero





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