Polygon DAO integrates decentralized ID service to prevent hostile takeovers and whales » CryptoNinjas

Polygon ID, a new self-sovereign, zero-knowledge proof (ZKP) identity service, is today integrating with Polygon DAO to foster equitable voting in DAO communities. Introducing Polygon ID to replace token DAO governance with one founded on identity and reputation.

Bots and unequal voting privileges often plague DAO governance…

By leveraging Polygon ID and basing voting on identity and reputation, DAOs can unlock verifiable voting and ensure the same individual cannot vote twice. It also allows for “Proof of Personhood,” eliminating the issue of bot voting without compromising user privacy.

Until now, there has been no ability to allow for participation in DAO governance processes based on specific user attributes and reputation without directly tying voting activity to a user’s public wallet (i.e., token-based governance).

Reliance on a token-based voting system has resulted in whales — who hold a majority of DAO tokens — having an outsized influence on important governance votes, increasing centralization.

With the introduction of Polygon ID, DAOs can instill a one-person, one-vote system based on reputation and identity while preserving user privacy through zero-knowledge technology.

This newly proposed governance system also avoids hostile DAO governance takeovers by DAO token whales and other malicious actors — as was the case in the recent takeover of Build DAO.

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