Oryen Network Groundbreaking Static 90% APY Splits DeFi Communities Of Uniswap And Safemoon

With the rise DeFi field, a new breed of cryptocurrency projects has emerged that are looking to offer better returns than traditional yield-bearing assets. One of the top performers in this space is Oryen Network (ORY).

With a groundbreaking static 90% APY, Oryen Network is already splitting the communities of Uniswap (UNI) and Safemoon (SFM). Proponents of UNI argue that it’s the more battle-tested protocol with a proven track record, while supporters of SFM praise its “community-first” approach. What’s so special about ORY, and why are UNI and SFM communities considering migrating over?

Introducing To Oryen Network (ORY)

Oryen Network is a newly developed DeFi protocol that aims to replace the current complex staking processes with a user-friendly auto-staking mechanism. 

ORY, the native token of the Oryen ecosystem, serves as a reserve currency that investors must hold to receive rewards. Rewards are paid out hourly, which accounts for a fixed 90% interest annually. 

Innovative Risk-Free Value wallets (independent reserve solutions from the treasury) play a significant part in Oryen Autostaking Technic (OAT) operations. 

Purchase and sell fees support RFV wallets, the treasury, and liquidity pools separately. RFV wallets typically include stablecoins and protocol-owned liquidity priced at the lowest possible $ORY price. If daily RFV profits are less than the holders’ daily ROI, the system uses a part of the treasury to pay out user incentives swiftly.

Oryen’s well-thought-out plan looks to be the top income-generation opportunity for all types of investors, which is reflected in the project’s successful ICO performance.

Uniswap (UNI)

Uniswap (UNI) is a decentralized exchange for trading Ethereum tokens. The Ethereum blockchain powers the protocol, which enables anybody to build a market for any ERC20 token. Uniswap was established in November 2018 and has quickly become one of the most successful Ethereum protocols. 

Holders of the UNI token may engage in the management of the Uniswap protocol. The more UNI tokens a person holds, the more influence they have in voting for or against ideas affecting the Uniswap protocol. 

To offer liquidity, the Uniswap decentralized exchange platform uses Liquidity Pools, where users may invest. When a trade happens in the pool, the person who initiated the transaction is charged a 0.3% fee. After the deal is completed, this charge is allocated to all liquidity providers. 

While this is a relatively solid passive income-generating option, UNI holders seem more attracted to ORY’s higher APY offers. 

Safemoon (SFM)

Safemoon promotes itself as the next-generation reward-based social-political media platform built on blockchain. Safemoon’s core idea was to address the intrinsic difficulties of mining and farming rewards and liquidity provision.

However, the initiative has recently become the target of class-action lawsuits. According to the claims, developers made misleading assertions regarding the token and deceived investors into benefiting from artificially inflated tokens. These concerns prompted SFM owners to seek more secure income-generating opportunities with a more community-focused approach and strong fundamentals. Therefore, Oryen, with its fixed 90% rate, appeared as a guaranteed and stable option for staking rewards.

Closing Thoughts

Overall, the new Oryen Network is already significantly impacting the DeFi communities of Uniswap and Safemoon. Its static 90% APY is quickly becoming the go-to place for yield farmers. This might establish a new era in DeFi, with Oryen becoming the dominant platform.

Learn More About Oryen:

Join presale: https://presale.oryennetwork.io/register

Website: https://oryennetwork.io/

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