New Cryptocurrency Release Xfuel Due July 2022 – What New Crypto Coins Are Coming In 2022?

DETROIT, MICHIGAN, UNITED STATES, June 30, 2022 / — What New Cryptocurrency Coins Are Coming In 2022?


XFUEL is the BUSDX trader token that will help fuel the growing BUSDX ecosystem. The revenue generated through XFUEL will be used to add additional volume to the BUSDX Ecosystem. These funds will be used to purchase the native BUSDX token & help towards the staking pool liquidity. This will cause the price of BUSDX to rise significantly, while simultaneously creating more passive income to BUSDX holders. New Cryptocurrency Release XFUEL’s revenue will also be used towards the BURN of BUSDX’s circulating supply. The BUSDX token will become increasingly rare as a result of this deflationary process.

As expected for 2022, there are plenty of new cryptocurrency releases coming out this year hoping to become the next big crypto coin. We take a look at New Cryptocurrency Release XFUEL Due in July 2022

What is BUSDX?

BUSDX is a new Crypto reflection token that was released in November 2021, like Safemoon & Evergrow which took the internet by storm last year, helping the massive growth seen in the DeFi space. A reflection is a New Cryptocurrency term used to describe a passive income mechanism that is provided by a token contract. For example with BUSDX 10% of every buy & sell transaction is redistributed to its holders & automatically paid into a crypto currency wallet in BUSD which is tied to the dollar, 1 BUSD is worth $1 regardless of the volatility of the markets. The greater the volume the greater the rewards for the holders, The new cryptocurrency BUSDX has one of the highest reflection rates of any reflection token & is creating multiple new cryptocurrency utilities to increase its daily volume & the release of new cryptocurrency XFUEL is part of growing set of utilities created by the BUSDX team.

BUSDX Utilities

BUSD Rewards – 10% Reflections for holder paid in BUSD stable coin

Staking – 10% Staking APY Plus BUSD reflections, No Time Lock, No Fees

XPAY- Virtual crypto payment card, spend BUSD without the need for an exchange. POS integration for E-Commerce stores to accept payments in BUSD. (Think PayPal of Crypto)

XPAD – The xPad is an IDO launchpad focused on quality projects that have a high potential. The presale token must conform to XPAD’s strict requirements set by its partners to get accepted & listed.

XBRIDGE – A chain swap that moves cryptocurrencies from one blockchain to another. This process allows traders to obtain access to the various blockchains that support the cryptocurrency that they are holding, thereby enabling the use of their digital assets on these other supporting blockchains.

XNFT – a unique NFT platform (XNFT) which empowers creators with accessible and safe tools. Turn your ideas into NFT’s! BUSDX is using a decentralized platform.

XSWAP– BSC token swap. Exchange one token you hold for the equivalent value of another token with no fees only gas, xSwap has a user friendly UI & an automated slippage feature.

XNEWS – Delivers up-to-date, breaking crypto news about the latest Bitcoin, Ethereum, Blockchain, NFTs, and Altcoin trends and happenings.

XFUEL – A new cryptocurrency that will launch in July 2022 as a low market cap hidden gem, It is currently in private sale, for a more information you can find the whitepaper here or join the XFUEL AMA hosted by Whale Coin Talk on Telegram on the July 3rd @ 7pm UTC / 3pm EST.

As with all new cryptocurrencies and IDOs, users must do their own research and due diligence around every single token before investing.

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