Make Money With These NFT Games In 2024

Play-to-earn NFT games to reach $6324.54 million by 2031. The rising number of players searching for these games confirms this fact. With so many games to play, it can be hard to pick the most fun ones. But don’t worry, we’ve looked at top NFT games for years. Now, we’ll share our top picks, carefully chosen for special reasons you’ll learn as you keep reading.

Top 6 NFT Games Paying Real Money

The creativity in Web3 has no limits, leading to the development of many blockchain games. Out of the available options, here are the top five based on the NFT gameplay and rewards:


Powered by polygon, this next-gen NFT game is designed to provide fun seekers with a social and imaginative experience. It has a community of over 200 thousand active players worldwide. Here, gamers can craft anything, ranging from clothing to accessories and even housing.

There is also room to win amazing rewards. You can claim free NFTs daily and make them real using the AR mode. Still, if you prefer to buy, you can visit their shop to purchase unique items, like NFT cards, using their in-game currency — $FRI.

Chainers allow players to farm NFTs as well. The entire process is straightforward:

  • Visit “Chainers Farm”
  • Grow the plants and wait for the harvest
  • Exchange your harvest for rewards

It’s important to know that the reward pool closes every 12 hours.


Kevuru Games has created a virtual world called Dreva, filled with unique Pikamoon creatures. Each Pikamoon is an NFT with its special traits and powers. You can collect and trade these Pikamoons, using them to fight exciting online battles against other players or AI opponents. The more you win, the more you earn $PIKA, the game’s native currency.

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With over six different regions in Dreva, there are hundreds of Pikamoons to discover, each offering a chance to find a rare and valuable treasure. Some Pikamoons are already worth over $300, and you can even claim one for FREE with every $300 worth of $PIKA you invest.

Earning in this metaverse goes beyond battles. By completing quests and participating in various activities, you’ll rack up even more $PIKA. These tokens can be used to upgrade your Pikamoon, exchanged for real-world cash, or even traded for other cryptocurrencies. You can even stake your $PIKA to earn more.

Pikamoon provides an easy method to play and maybe make money online, regardless of your level of experience. More so, they have a vibrant community with frequent competitions, giveaways, and events where you can win special rewards.


CryptoKitties, an OG NFT game, lets you collect, breed, and trade adorable digital cats with real crypto! This 2017 sensation lets you make money, unlike most blockchain games.

Each kitty has unique features, some of which are super rare and fetch high prices. The rarer the trait, the more valuable it is! This lets you strategically breed and sell cats based on their special features.

To play, you’ll need a crypto wallet and some Ethereum. Breed your cats with others to create new ones, then sell them or breed again for bigger profits. But breeding’s a gamble, as the baby kitty inherits traits from its parents! This adds a fun challenge as you try to breed cats with the rarest features.

CryptoKitties also has auctions for rare cats and events to show off your prized felines and win rewards. It’s a top earner, despite inspiring many copycats. The fun NFT gameplay, potential profits, and strong community make it great for NFT lovers.

Axie Infinity

In this Ethereum-based game, you may breed, fight, and gather cute animals known as Axies. You’ll need three axes or more to get started. Do your homework before making a purchase because prices fluctuate based on rarity.

Axie Infinity offers unique turn-based battles that require strategy and skill. Mastering the mechanics will lead to more victories and bigger rewards. Speaking of rewards, winning battles earns you SLP and AXS tokens. These can be sold on crypto platforms for real money.

This NFT earn money game adds a profitable breeding system to improve the reward. You can produce offspring that carry on desirable traits from their parents by breeding your Axies. These unique Axies might be sold on the market for a significant sum because they might have highly sought-after features. Thus, in addition to making money from combat, you can also excel as an Axie breeder and create a profitable and adorable mini-empire of animals.

Axie Infinity’s blend of fun and financial gain is why it’s a top earner. It’s a unique experience that attracts players worldwide.

Gods Unchained

If you love classic trading card game battles with the power of blockchain, Gods Unchained is for you. Here, you collect and trade unique digital cards, each an NFT with its own rarity and strengths. You’re allowed to Build killer decks and outsmart opponents in strategic showdowns.

Still, Gods Unchained goes beyond bragging rights. You truly own your cards, and you are free to buy, sell, and trade them on the open market. Victories reward you with new cards, perfect for building an even more powerful deck or selling for profit. Rare cards can become valuable investments that grow over time. The more you play and win, the more card rewards you’ll earn. These can be used to upgrade your deck or sold for profit—rare cards can become valuable investments!

This “play-to-earn” feature has fueled a thriving Gods Unchained community. Aside from the NFT gameplay, players connect with others, discuss strategies, trade cards, and share experiences. Friendly matches, tournaments, and online communities create a supportive environment for everyone, from beginners to seasoned players.

Alien Worlds

Alien Worlds is a unique NFT card game set in a vast metaverse. With this exclusive blockchain game, you can explore a universe that spans several blockchains, including Binance Smart Chain and Ethereum.

The heart of Alien Worlds beats with Trilium (TLM), the game’s dual-purpose currency. Use TLM for advanced DeFi features or as in-game cash to fuel your adventures. As an explorer, you’ll mine planets, own or lease NFT land, complete missions, and even navigate interplanetary politics. You can do this all while collecting NFT cards and earning valuable TLM.

But Alien Worlds is more than just mining and collecting. Stake your TLM on planets to gain influence and a say in their governance. Each planet is a competitive DAO, meaning players with the most TLM can shape the game’s future. Plus, the better your mining tools, the more efficiently you’ll rake in TLM.

Final Thoughts

The world of NFT gaming is booming, and there are countless ways to earn money. From breeding adorable creatures to battling for crypto, these top picks offer a chance to blend fun and potential profit. But remember, while earning potential exists, it’s not guaranteed. Do your research, choose an NFT game you enjoy, and dive in to experience the fun.

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