Looking For Niche Crypto Projects? Why BoostX Is Better Than GameFi and NFT Launchpad

In the crypto market, there is an endless list of niche projects that users can indulge in based on their hobbies and curiosities. This can be a little disappointing at times as many niche projects aren’t of high quality or offer effortless functionality. However, with the help of the right launchpad, this issue is easily resolved. 

Whilst there are many launchpads out there that target different sectors of the market such as GameFi and NFT Launchpad, a wiser and more eclectic choice could be a launchpad such as BoostX which showcases an extensive litany of crypto projects on one platform, allowing users to compare each project and make an informed decision. 

Looking For A Crypto Gaming Project?

GameFi is one of the most popular launchpads amongst gaming and metaverse projects in the presale phase. 

As of a few years ago, the gaming sector has thrived in the crypto world. When users realized that there was more to crypto than just the basic coins, but rather a way to integrate interests with crypto such as video gaming, things changed massively in the crypto space. 

Now, the gaming and metaverse sector is bigger than ever thus launchpads like GameFi exist – providing users with a platform in which a wide range of new gaming projects prevail. Excitingly, these are in presale, resulting in token prices being low. Users can therefore spread their capital across multiple projects. 

NFTs Have Taken Over The Crypto Space  

Although NFTs have been in the market for many years, they only blew up in 2021. When this happened, many users scurried to find the best NFT-based projects. NFT Launchpad took this opportunity to create a platform to help upcoming projects raise funds and build a community, as well as help users find the best NFT-based crypto projects. 

The NFT sector seems to be continuously growing and has the potential to become as big as the entire cryptocurrency market. Creators are using this opportunity to build strong projects that will gather large appeal.

NFT and crypto
Crypto and NFTs

Why Is BoostX The Better Launchpad?

Whilst GameFi and NFT Launchpad are of tremendous use, BoostX seems to have the edge due to its diverse range of projects. Rather than focusing on one sector of the market, it takes the best projects regardless of their focus and helps them grow a community. A level of autonomy allows users to choose which ones suit them best.

As each project is showcased on one webpage, users can simply compare the features that each project holds and pick the best ones for them. If a user is looking for something new but is unsure which sector of the market to lean towards, BoostX makes all the sense in the world.

As a multi-chain launchpad, BoostX supports presale projects built on Solana, Ethereum, BNB Chain, Terra, and Polygon. This helps provide a wider range of projects so users can choose what they think are the best-supported projects. 

To learn more about BoostX, use the link below:  
Website: https://www.boostx.finance

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