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Hello and welcome back to our regular, scheduled programming — the InvArch Weekly Wednesday project update! We hope that you enjoyed the last Weekly Wednesday that was IRL (in real life).

We are back in VR (virtual reality), in the InvArch Meta Office, fuelled and ready to give you the latest news and updates around the project!

InvArch Brainstorm Testnet: Community Workshop — Part 2!

As of Saturday, June 11th, 2022, registration for Part 2 of the InvArch Brainstorm: Community Workshop has been open! All those who were not able to attend the first community workshop are now able to attend this next upcoming workshop.

*We have removed the Gleam portion to the registration process to make things simpler. The entire registration process is now by Google Forms!

To register:

Go to the official InvArch Brainstorm: Testnet Community Workshop Part 2 — Google Form: — You must ensure that every form entry is fulfilled / completed

*Please note: Individuals who actually participate in the workshop will be gifted the Brainstorm NFT Badge; the InvArch Team will be actively checking during the workshop. In addition, same as before, all registered individuals will be receiving the “Brainstormer” role in the InvArch Discord server.

The workshop will take place this upcoming Sunday, June 19th, 2022, at 2:00 pm EST (New York/United States time).

See you there, Brainstormers! 🧠⛈

InvArch Tinkernet: Kusama Crowdloan Announcement

In answering the question of “wen crowdloan?” for our canary network, Tinkernet, we answer this very question in last week’s published article, The InvArch Tinkernet: Kusama Crowdloan Announcement!

In this article, we released information on the full plan of the InvArch Tinkernet crowdloan, including the roadmap, timeline, and a recap of the crowdloan structure.

We will be going for the 42nd auction, starting on June 29th, 2022, and ending on July 6th, 2022.

Be sure to check out the article to get the full details on the Tinkernet crowdloan!

InvArch Tinkernet: The Community Decides on the hard cap!

Last week on June 8th, 2022, we launched a Twitter Poll via the Tinkernet Twitter Account (@TinkerParachain) where the community was given the opportunity to vote on influencing the final decision of the Tinkernet Kusama crowdloan hard cap.

As you can see in the image above, 45.8% of all voters (103 out of 225 participants) voted for a 15,000 KSM hard cap!

This also means there will be a slight adjustment to the inducement bonus via the Tinkernomics. If you go to the Tinkernet website, at the bottom of the page you should see updated information on the Tinkernomics (i.e., updated $TNKR supply of 11.7 million, KSM 15,000 hard cap, etc.). Because of all of your participation in these past Tinkernet-Twitter Polls, this crowdloan structure is truly, socially, and community-driven Tinkernomics!

As we’ve emphasized in this article and on social media, it’s time to start loading up your KSM and be prepared to fill your bags with $TNKR! You will be contributing to the future of IP development, IP kickstarting, and innovation on the Kusama network and, really, for all of Web3.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding the Tinkernet Parachain, Tinkernomics, etc., please message the InvArch Team via the official InvArch Discord server ( in the appropriate channels!

InvArchitects Assemble! — InvArch Builders Program
On July 1st, we will open up the enrolment process to the InvArchitects Assemble Initiative (of the InvArch Builders Program).

Below are just some of a few things that could be built by you InvArchitects:


  • zkProof IP Tooling
  • SIPA Tooling (i.e., tooling for dApps, economic models, etc.)
  • IP Indexing Solutions (*We will be working with other ecosystem projects for this, so developers will be able to tap into those tools as well)
  • zk Oracle Solutions (For the transfer of IP or NFT metadata)
  • Framework Libraries (For individuals building on the network, specifically thinking on the UI as our ecosystem is lacking in this area)
  • zkIP Block Explorer


  • IP License Marketplace
  • On-Chain Edu-Hubs (Imagine a network where individuals are able to contribute educational content, but also, based on the interest or use of that content, they can earn experience which ranks them up; has to do with the rate in which they earn value from this network, etc.)
  • Decentralized Incubators (We saw this 5 years ago; but diverted from that since there wasn’t a way to stop exposure, i.e., Preventing someone from standing over your shoulder looking at your screen to duplicate or plagiarize your IP; we would love to see this built on top of InvArch using this technology so that these decentralized incubation hubs can be provided soundly and ethically in a safe environment)
  • IP Bounty Boards (The ability for individuals to propose if there are certain problems or issues over a project or IP that they are developing; very similar to Gitcoin; individuals can propose bounties, etc. / a decentralized bounty board for all users in the network)
  • Music Collaboration dApp (Think of a decentralized “Garageband”; imagine multiple individuals working on a song, contributing all sorts of .wav files, from vocals, percussion, and synths, to multi-instrumental loops, etc. / All individuals contribute to the creation of the song and as a result, weights are determined based on their contributions, royalty claims, deciding on the total ownership, of which all of this can be streamlined and takes place on-chain)
  • Pokemon-like Web3 (Ex. You can have an NFT with different moves, typing, stats, its own individual stats, XP points, evolutions, hidden stats that depend on what they battle, possibilities of rarity, etc.)

Of course, these ideas above are not the only things that we expect to see during the program. The InvArch team welcomes all ideas, ideas that are not on this list, that are truly outside-of-the-box, whether they would be built on either InvArch or Tinkernet!

During the InvArchitects Assemble initiative, feel free to go nuts, and test out the waters of InvArch technology to truly make something exciting and intricate on-chain with real value! 💡

CoinTelegraph June 15th Article on InvArch!

This morning, CoinTelegraph had recently published an article on InvArch! They cited the project as “The first IP rights blockchain” that “…redefines the framework for IP with architecture fit for Web3.”

This article is a great read on InvArch — if you haven’t had the chance to read it, click this link here:

You are also able to listen to the article by pressing the play button on the top-right corner above the graphic! 🎧

InvArch Goes to Austin 2022: Recap

(From left to right: Gabe, A.J., Casey, Dakota, and Mindaugas)

The InvArch team (specifically, the 5 members who were able to attend) very much enjoyed their trip to Austin, Texas to attend both DCentral Austin and Consensus 2022 by CoinDesk!

[Dakota]: It was a fantastic time for the majority of us to meet for the first time, in-person, seeing each other; it was just like being with family. I’m always grateful for the team, really thankful for the talent in the individuals that are on the team. During the Austin trip, the team shined so bright / As founder, I am eternally grateful to everyone / they really represented InvArch and with all of that, InvArch really showed up in the past week / We networked so strongly / Talked about privacy layers, credentials, data indexing, on-chain resumes, cross-chain authentication to completely on-chain DAO SDK, IP Finance, stablecoin marketplaces for IP License… you know, the usual! 😉 / Another cool thing I want to note is that not just meeting each other on the InvArch team but also having the opportunity to meet other teams in the space / They’re so talented, amazing, and are genuinely good people who are passionate, extremely intelligent, and love what they’re doing and know what they’re doing / I was always extremely bullish on our ecosystem / This is the best tech there is / But now I know more than ever, that we have the best minds in this ecosystem and in Web3 / I am really thankful to have met those individuals from other projects and to be working with such individuals and the plans that we have ahead / We have a lot of amazing stuff in store for Polkadot, for Dotsama, and really, for everyone!

Polkadot Decoded: Coming Up Soon!

Following up on our trip to Austin, Texas, this upcoming June 29–30th, Dakota, A.J., and Casey will be attending Polkadot Decoded 2022 in New York 🗽! (Head of Ecosystem Development, Mindaugas, will be attending Polkadot Decoded in Berlin 🇩🇪).

Dakota will be delivering a talk on XCM: The Future of an Authenticated Internet on the last day of Polkadot Decoded, June 30th, 2022 at 11:00am EST (U.S. time). He will be diving into XCM or Cross-Consensus Message Format on Polkadot, as well as XCA (Cross-chain Authentication on InvArch), breaking down what this is, why we need it, and its significance. Dakota is excited to deliver this talk, especially considering the validation received during the trip to Austin, and how much value this will bring to the entire Polkadot ecosystem!

If you haven’t gotten your tickets yet, you can do so on the official Polkadot Decoded ticket registration website ( If tickets are unavailable for in-person attendance, you can still secure your spot via online attendance!

All in all, that concludes today’s InvArch Weekly Wednesday! The Brainstorm Testnet: Community Workshop registration is open, full details on the Tinkernet Kusama Crowdloan have been released, the KSM hard cap of the Tinkernet crowdloan has been decided by the community, an article on InvArch has been published by CoinTelegraph, we recapped our trip to Austin, get ready for the InvArchitects Assemble initiative, and we hope to see you at Polkadot Decoded in New York (and/or tune into Dakota’s talk!)

Let’s finish off June strong 💪

See you next week!

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