How Bitgert Blockchain is Better Than Polygon Matic

by Analytics Insight

April 1, 2022

The Bitgert team has launched the fastest and the cheapest blockchain in the history of the crypto industry.

One major fact that stands out about the Bitgert project is the powerful blockchain, the BRC20 chain, which the team launched in mid-February 2022. The new blockchain has formed the biggest discussion in the crypto industry because of its disruptiveness.

The Bitgert BRC20 blockchain has already overtaken most blockchains and is now taking on the largest chains in the industry. Among the blockchains that Bitgert is outperforming today is Polygon. There is no doubt that Bitgert is now better than Polygon Matic. Read more below:



The Bitgert team has launched the fastest and the cheapest blockchain in the history of the crypto industry. Bitgert chain successfully implemented the zero-cost gas fee mechanism, which enables users to pay $0.0000000000001 for gas in every transaction. This makes it the lowest gas fee ever and is one of the areas Bitgert blockchain is doing better than Polygon Matic.

The Brise chain is now the fastest blockchain in the history of blockchain after reaching 100k TPS. This is faster than Polygon, which can process about 10k TPS, making Bitgert 10x faster. The fast chain and lowest gas fee are two ways that Bitgert is better than Polygon today.

However, Bitgert is working on bringing more products into the chain, with the Brise exchange expected to launch any time from now. The Bitgert team is also bringing hundreds of blockchain-based projects on the chain. In fact, the Bitgert team is bringing 100+ projects every month and aims at 1000+ by the end of the year.



The crypto community has been talking about the Centcex project and says it could be the token to watch after Bitgert. Centcex is among the cryptocurrency doing very well in the industry and among the tokens project to post massive growth this year. The Centcex growth in the past few weeks has been of the largest, even better than Bitgert in terms of percentage increase.

The Centcex major attraction has been the huge number of products the team is building. The team is working on building tens of blockchain applications, including crypto exchange, dApps, staking programs, and so on. With the largest number of products in the Centcex ecosystem, investors will enjoy a fast-growing Centcex price due to network adoption.

The Centcex staking program offers 100% APY, and with tens of products, investors can expect huge staking rewards. These are just a few things that make this cryptocurrency stand out.



The comparison between the Bitgert and Polygon Matic blockchains shows that the latter is being outperformed as the users’ best chain. The Polygon Matic chain is slow and has more expensive gas than Bitgert, and this means Bitgert might be the most preferred chain by users and developers than Matic. The implication is that Matic will start losing traction to Bitgert as more users and developers will go for the Brise chain.

Bitgert is also taking the Polygon Matic competition a notch higher by increasing projects on the chain. There are over 1000 projects coming on the Bitgert chain in 365 days, which will make Bitgert a larger ecosystem than Polygon Matic. The bottom line is that soon, Polygon might be completely outperformed by Bitgert.

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