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New York, NY, April 11, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Freedom Protocol is publishing outdoor advertising in Australia and starting a lot of campaigns of various types. Seeing ads related to DeFi in front of Seven-Eleven is interesting, and a little dazed. But it shows how our world changed in the wave of technology.

The DeFi space has gained immense popularity since 2020. It has soared to about $150 billion today even the crypto business faces headwinds on multiple fronts.

To admit or not to admit, some traditional asset management groups are racing to expand offerings in alternative investments as they seek to boost profitability and go to the DeFi industry for expanding scope of business.

Freedom Protocol is a typical case who is concentrating on private investment, stakes in private companies and individuals, all areas where institutional clients have been increasing allocations in recent years. Now Freedom Protocol launches their business in Australia, indicate the determination of Freedom Protocol to intend to help more customers in other countries.

DeFi1.0 has proved that decentralized work can change the financial system around the world. DeFi2.0 has proved all things can be integrated to confront and surpass any centralized power so you can feel the lower gas fees, simplicity of platforms, and other challenges that stumped DeFi1.0 before.

So, what’s the DeFi 3.0? It means everyone can get on it without a threshold and get feedback every hour, every minute. Here, benefits, time and functions are discretized and decentralized, fully interpreting the concept of freedom and allowing you to become a beneficiary by promoting community and platform.

Freedom Protocol as a representative of DeFi 3.0, explains the DeFi3.0 by creating an open-source, license-free, and transparent financial services ecosystem. That’s why it choose a fully community-launched approach to start its project.

As the founder said, Freedom Protocol interprets the meaning of its name while it is seeking to bypass the owner’s priority and use an approach that has evolved in the do-it-yourself, all members join. In this world, digital assets move on computer networks that have no opening or closing times, or any of the traditional gatekeepers that were required by older technologies.

Under the Freedom protocol plan, customers would deposit collateral in Freedom accounts – crypto – and be not responsible for checking to withdraw or reinvest requirements at all. The Freedom Protocol will conduct the automatic contracts and allocate the benefits to customers.

Leo, Manager of Freedom Protocol, argues that the current practice of creating for community creates a world of linking each other financially. On the contrary, other DeFi3.0 regard users as a source of profits in which they hope the customer will pay at some point. But Freedom Protocol automated system would be safer and friendly, they say. The allocation would be more frequent, but less ruinous. As proof, they pointed to the ability of their DeFi initial business to survive the ferocious volatility of digital asset prices and get the great volume in their experiences before.

Linda Wendy, a political economy professor from Canada who works at the University of Michigan, said that “objectively, Freedom Protocol will change a lot in DeFi industry and it really puts DeFi forward and it would forge ahead.

Freedom Protocol generated more than $1M of profits in its fiscal 2021 year, up more than a tenth from 2020. In contrast, in 2018 and 2019, revenue was roughly $0.8M in both years, reflecting the pandemic era bump for what was an otherwise stagnant project. Last year Freedom Protocol generated more than $0.6M in free cash flow and was able to return all of it in dividends and share the profits with their investors around the world.

Lesser investors have wondered how coins named after little dogs or non-fungible tokens depicting bored apes could be worth so much. But as founders of Freedom Protocol, they have brilliant records in the market.

How does Freedom Protocol reach fixed APY as they mentioned in the website? The answer is a unique vision and precise investment decisions. They had invested in over 10 projects in which they spent most of their time. Successfully to get big rewards from that, of course.

The fact is the investment in the past project rose from just under $2M in 2019 to around three times that in 2022, Freedom Protocol has produced notably famous results. Invest more than 1M in Binance Token in 2019, and Bought Terra and Solana at the beginning of 2021, they got firm support from themselves only. But it proves the decisions were so amazing if looking back.

Everything is changed, “It will be difficult to achieve our goal if companies simply continue to rely on their own business resources in the form of technologies and human resources, as well as the traditional business model,” David warned when he realize the wealth growth doesn’t make DeFi better. He decides to make the private investment public and everyone could join in without limitations.

In Feb, Freedom Protocol has formed a team. The company behind the experienced professional investors, introduced the biggest reorganization of traditional fund markets offline – a streamlining of the fund which, among other changes aimed at improving investor’s global image for DeFi industry, makes it easier for the customer to identify and bet on DeFi innovation.

Freedom Protocol will issue and allocate the benefits by smart contract and it will be operated every minute to let users feel more at ease. The fund will be used to invest in projects which have been approved from the review meeting.

“We go into the workplace and find we are a minority,” said Henry, a former HSBC employee who now works in Freedom Protocol. “The normal person, the core member of communities, must benefit because this is our world. We must look after the core group and share the benefit with the average person.”

Some change may be inevitable, but prevailing trust in wealth control will not be easily displaced. That is the reason why Freedom Protocol was released on the chain and brings the smart contract to the model of investment.

Anyway, Freedom Protocol’s DeFi fund program – which could soon enable relatively frictionless investable transactions – makes clear an ambition to improve the global attractiveness of the DeFi3.0.

At present, they seem ready to compete.

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