Ethereum and Litecoin fans pivot to Raffle Coin as the crypto landscape adjusts

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Ethereum and Litecoin investors are increasingly adding Raffle Coin (RAFF) to their portfolios, as the market dynamics continue to shift.

In the ever-changing world of cryptocurrency, supporters of Ethereum (ETH) and Litecoin (LTC) are feeling market forces that push them to reconsider their posture. 

During such times, attention is drawn to Raffle Coin, a decentralized platform for carrying out raffles, standing right at the threshold of major overhauls in online gaming.

In this piece, we take a look closer into key recent changes in the cryptocurrency sphere and what would be their general implication for Raffle Coin.

Ethereum navigating bearish waters

Ethereum had recently plummeted sharply to around 4.84% of the price. This rather sudden decline in prices, being over 8% in the last week, has set off debates as to the reasons underpinning Ethereum’s volatility. 

The surge to $720 million in Ethereum’s exchange inflow is driving FUD among investors. Over and above everything, derivatives data point out a bearish trend because a huge drop in open interest and trading volume would coincide with such an overall market sentiment.

Furthermore, large liquidations totaled $49.16 million within a day, showing a very high level of volatility in the crypto market. Meanwhile, with Ethereum’s price failing to keep up the upward momentum and the indicators on a bearish trajectory, tread cautiously investors amidst such an uncertain landscape.

Litecoin riding the bullish wave

Compared with Ethereum, Litecoin has a positive trend of +1.46% within one day, particularly on March 22. This shall further solidify the current push and hence, Litecoin is heading for the $100 level with more transaction activities taking place within the network and overall optimism in the minds of the traders of these cryptocurrencies.

Coinbase has reportedly announced the introduction of the Litecoin futures contracts and further bolstered the rising market enthusiasm in firmly establishing Litecoin as a practical choice for investment. With resistance levels pretty much defined and a bullish trend reflecting from short-term and long-term charts, the outlook for Litecoin pretty much looks bullish.

Raffle Coin: A beacon of opportunity

While the others kept sailing with their Ethereum and Litecoin through thick and thin of the market fluctuations, every other pair of eyes turned towards Raffle Coin. 

It brings decentralized raffles and transparent governance, accompanied by rewarding user experiences, to make Raffle Coin the ideal destination for crypto enthusiasts looking for an attractive crypto-asset investment profile and ways to engage. 

Instant wins, revenue-sharing programs, and decentralized governance are some of the features of Raffle Coin. Investment is also cleared through audit approval, team token lockup, and liquidity lock, making investment safe and transparent.

Priced at $0.020 in the presale and with such growth potential, Raffle Coin is the call to the world for decentralized raffle revolution investors. While exploring new possibilities for the Ethereum and Litecoin communities, Raffle Coin is a ray of novelty, serving the blend of entertainment and financial rewards through crypto with utmost perfection.

To learn more about this project, visit the Raffle Coin (RAFF) presale website

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