EMP Money brings new era to DeFi with innovative Detonator contract

The EMP Money protocol aims to give its investors the opportunity to stay exposed to Ethereum, regardless of whether they are long-time Ether (ETH) holders, decentralized finance (DeFi) users or newcomers to the industry. By being pegged to ETH, the project is essentially fractional ETH, similar to the satoshi for Bitcoin (BTC).

Investors can benefit from an entire ecosystem created around EMP Money (EMP), which aims to put their Ethereum to work for them without the exorbitant costs. EMP Money’s mission is to become a hub of stability and growth for the Ethereum token on the BNB Smart Chain (BSC) rather than simply offering high APRs to investors.

EMP Money offers the first decentralized algorithmic stablecoin on BSC, tied to the price of Ethereum via seigniorage at a rate of 4,000 EMP, or one ETH. The protocol is based on a series of complex interactions, with the pricing dynamics of the ecosystem’s many tokens determined by the activities of multiple stakeholders.

When the price of EMP exceeds the peg, the protocol creates additional EMP tokens to increase supply and push the price back down to the peg. This new supply is circulated through the platform’s Boardroom before being delivered to ESHARE tokenholders. As a result of the increased demand for ESHARE, the price and value of the token will rise. The protocol will allow minting bonds using EMP if its price falls below the peg — up to a maximum debt limit. This depletes the EMP supply, putting upward pressure on the price near the peg.

EMP Money is working on optimizing the protocol and creating profit for early investors through Farms and the Boardroom in the interim until the peg is attained. Once the peg is established, the system’s mechanics will focus on maintaining stability and consistency, allowing EMP to serve as a mirrored liquid asset to ETH.

EMP Money aims to empower DeFi with Detonator contract

EMP Money’s mission is to become a beacon of stability and growth for the Ethereum token on BSC, in addition to offering high APRs to investors. Because the project doesn’t rely on actual trading tokens, it’s one of the only crypto ventures where everyone can profit. It’s a seigniorage mechanism that uses controlled inflation to generate attractive, long-term APRs. EMP Money tracks the price of ETH mathematically. As a result, users can profit immediately from ETH exposure. With more than $8 million in liquidity, users may make good returns daily on ETH.

EMP Money has incorporated many other economic incentives on top of the base seigniorage mathematics. This is revolutionary and sets a new standard for similar projects. The platform has incorporated nodes — synthetic nodes that are all the rage right now. On top of that, the most sustainable return-on-investment (ROI) contract ever created, Detonator, produces 365% ROI. This creates amazing use cases and really helps with the underlying economics.

Detonator is the first daily ROI contract that uses EMP-ETH liquidity provider (LP) tokens to provide a long-term return on investment through a combination of incentives, taxes and compounding. This is a BSC network-gamified smart contract that allows all members a fair chance to earn a maximum of 365% ROI. To produce the best-of-the-best ROI contract, we blended many successful economic structures discovered through various established methods. Below is a list of all the specific mechanisms. 

This technique allows users to earn up to 365% of their initial deposit — taxes do not impact the ROI — including referral incentives. For example, if Alice invests 100 LP tokens, she will be eligible to earn a total of 365 LP tokens through the course of her contract, calculated by 100 times 3.65. She will need to deposit more LP tokens to participate in the pool if she reaches the cap. Referral bonuses are included in this amount, thus, if users do not deposit any EMP-ETH LP into the pool, they will not be eligible for promoter referral prizes. The gains will be rolled back into the pool if users do not claim or compound their daily winnings in 24 hours.

A well-educated population is essential for long-term stability. The project leads want to make sure that they are always putting out content and teaching materials regarding the protocol and other related topics. They want to attract competent, motivated investors who are familiar with the protocol. EMP’s backbone is made up of solid, sophisticated and secure technology. Only tools and products that adhere to these standards will be released. For this purpose, the firm has launched a novel platform called EMP Academy, offering some of the best study materials on and around the decentralized world at no cost, thus building an educated community.

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