El Salvador tourism benefitted after Bitcoin adoption, its tourism minister says

According to El Salvador’s tourism ministry, the country’s tourism industry has benefited significantly from the government’s adoption of Bitcoin as legal tender.

In an interview with a local television news program, El Salvador’s tourism minister, Morena Valdez, described the country’s tourism sector’s recovery following the COVID-19 slump.

The minister credited the country’s economic recovery to three factors, one of which was the country’s decision to recognise Bitcoin as legal cash.

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Valdez explained that cryptocurrency enthusiasts spend more time and money in the country now than before as a result of the adoption of Bitcoin as legal tender.



Last year in September, El Salvador became the first country in the world to officially recognise Bitcoin as a legal tender, making it a viable option for payments of goods and services across the country. 

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Following El Salvador’s adoption of Bitcoin, interest in cryptocurrencies began to increase among governments throughout the world. Last month, the Swiss city of Lugano declared Bitcoin and Tether to be legal tender in the city further promoting the widespread adoption of cryptocurrencies. Other countries are taking a cautious approach, walking the crypto route via central bank backed CBDCs.


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