DOGE Price To Rally 5,900% If This Happens

Recently, the crypto markets experienced a downturn, the total market capitalization has dropped by 7% in two days to $2.62 trillion. Even Bitcoin, the big player, took a hit, dropping from $71,300 to $66,000, affecting other cryptocurrencies, with bears dominating the market. However, amidst this turbulence, meme coins remain in the spotlight

Renowned crypto analyst Ali Martinez has sparked fresh interest in Dogecoin, the beloved dog-themed cryptocurrency. Martinez’s analysis offers a new perspective on what’s next for Dogecoin.

The Underdog with Potential

Martinez sees Dogecoin as still significant despite newer meme coins emerging. Looking back at data from 2018 to 2021, Martinez suggests Dogecoin might be ready for a significant rise.

He explains his views with a historical example, in the past, after the DOGE price ended its consolidation period in 2021, it produced a massive price increase, rising from $0.002 to an AT of $0.70. On a similar note, this time, the DOGE price has consolidated for three years from 2022 to 2024 and the breakout seems to have begun. Therefore, Dogecoin could increase by more than 5,000% to reach a new ATH. 

Despite its current price of $0.20 and a recent 6.5% dip, he sees DOGE as an attractive investment option. He also cautions investors not to sway for some shinning coins like Degen which might be a trap and will not stand the market volatility like DOGE. Moreover, Dogecoin’s limitless supply and PoW consensus process make it more secure and resilient than any other meme coin in crypto.

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Bull or Bear Run – What’s Coming?

While Martinez is optimistic, current market trends bring uncertainty. If Dogecoin breaks the $0.188 resistance, it could signal new highs. But failing to keep up momentum might see Dogecoin retesting support levels, possibly dropping to $0.169. The coming weeks will decide whether Dogecoin continues its rise or faces a setback.

In the world of cryptocurrencies, Dogecoin stands out for its resilience and community support. As investors wait to see what’s next, one thing’s clear: meme coins are rewriting the rules, leaving both skeptics and believers watching closely.

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What’s your bet on Dogecoin’s next move: charging ahead or taking a step back?

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