DeFi Experts Find Best Bear Market Investments For You: Gnox (GNOX), Shiba Inu (SHIB) and Dogecoin (DOGE)

Market analysts have recently selected 3 coins that could help your portfolio in less than predictable current market conditions. While nothing is a sure thing in crypto, we like these coins for good reason. Let’s have a look at why:

Gnox (GNOX)

Gnox is unique in the DeFi space as it’s the first to offer Yield Farming As A Service. With YFAAS, regular investors get the benefits of passive income and all the upside from DeFi investments, without having to manage the process themselves. And we see it as key in bridging the gap between the sometimes-confusing crypto space and the regular investment world. After all, everyone wants better returns on their investments, especially as interest rates are still low, but not everyone understands how DeFi investment strategies like staking and liquidity pooling work. With Gnox, they don’t have to. All they have to do is hold.

Gnox works by levying a sales tax on transactions and then using some of these funds to build an investment treasury. The rest of the funds raised from the sales tax go into solidifying the base of Gnox on PancakeSwap, marketing the coin and also paying out smaller installments to holders every hour. But it’s the treasury of funds that works even harder for Gnox holders, paying out passive income every month thanks to the treasury’s own investments. These treasury investments mean that Gnox holders don’t have to worry about things like staking, they are taken care of for them. Although they do get a vote on how much risk these investments might be liable to.

And Gnox has already performed remarkably well during the current bear market. Prices are up 60% while still only in pre-sale. With the long-term viability of the Gnox platform, we think this is a great hold during the bear market.

Shiba INU (SHIB)

Shiba has had a crazy year or two. Prices reached all-time highs on this memecoin before falling somewhat again. But some market analysts think this is much more than just a memecoin, and with more token burns in the offing, it could perform well in the bear market. And despite recent losses, prices have pumped back up again considerably during the last 24 hours or so (at time of writing). That’s why people are starting to take interest in SHIB again.

Dogecoin (DOGE)

Dogecoin was made famous by entrepreneur Elon Musk. The founder of Tesla loves DOGE and sees it as the people’s crypto. Some analysts predict it could continue to perform well during the bear market as people look for coins with better transaction speeds and lower costs.

We like these 3 projects in the crypto world right now. They could still perform well in the bear market climate. That’s why we recommend you have a look at them closely.

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