Crypto markets in red; Bitcoin, Dogecoin, Solana bleed

The recovery in crypto markets has slowed down. The global market cap is down by 2.73 per cent in the last 24 hours and is at $924.54 billion as of 7:30 AM IST, CoinMarketCap data showed.

Bitcoin is down by 2.48 per cent and is trading at $20,616.

Ethereum also showed downtrend and is at $1,173 after sliding 3.66 per cent.

The USDT Tether showed 0.05 per cent negative change in its value in the last 24 hours, whereas the USDC stablecoins showed 0.00 per cent change and maintained its peg at $1.

The BNB token fell 2.03 per cent, while Solana fell by 6.33 per cent.

XRP Ripple witnessed a downtrend of 6.06 per cent in the last 24 hours. 

The ADA token fell 4.34per cent.

Dogecoin showed major uptrend. The cryptocurrency rose by 7.58 per cent.

Shiba Inu has flipped DAI to become the 12th largest cryptocurrency in the world by market value. 

Meanwhile, Central African Republic President has announced the Bitcoin hub launch event will take place on July 3. 

Additionally, according to a report by Morgan Stanley, the Ethereum transition to proof-of-stake will not solve scaling problems. 

Tether CTO says there have been coordinated attacks by traditional hedge funds trying to short $USDT.

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