Could Polygon and Big Eyes Coin Do 10X Their ATH In The Next Bull Run?

Dec 26, 2022 11:53 IST

New Delhi [India], December 26 (ANI/ATK): Finding the next cryptocurrency to do 10X of their all-time high is tricky. It takes some god-level prediction skills to say that specific tokens would be 10X, and it happens. However, it does not rule out that we can make educated guesses.
All cryptocurrencies are not built the same. Some projects showcase tendencies of fast growth from their track record–especially crypto projects with unique propositions. We have our eyes on some of these tokens, Big Eyes Coin (BIG) and Polygon (MATIC), and we will discuss them in this article. Let’s begin!
Polygon – Solving Scalability Problems
Polygon is a scaling solution or a layer-II protocol that helps original blockchain layers scale. Many are quick to call Polygon a side-chain. It is not. Instead, Polygon is a blockchain technology with multiple sides, chains, and shapes. It is more or less similar to its geometrical meaning.
Originally, Polygon was known as the MATIC network. However, it has been rebranded. It is also good to note that it retains the MATIC name only for its ticker.
As a layer-II solution, we can’t help but imagine its adoption in the next bull run. First, it tackles one of the cumbersome problems of the Ethereum network and other original blockchain layers. If you’ve made a transaction on the Ethereum network during the peak of the 2021 bull run, you would agree with me that the network was slow and ridiculously expensive. Sometimes, transaction fees cost more than the transaction itself.
However, with Polygon, users can interact with Ethereum without sacrificing speed and affordability. With this core functionality, we can’t help but predict a massive adoption of Polygon, which would ripple on its token price. We are also seeing huge partnerships coming to the network. Web2 brands like Nike, Instagram, and Stripe are integrating with Polygon. It says a lot about the future.
Big Eyes Coin Could Be The Next Biggest Meme Token

Unlike Polygon, Big Eyes Coin is relatively new in the crypto ecosystem. It is a meme token that backs the Big Eyes community. Big Eyes Coin is also unique because it has a different branding from most other meme tokens, including popular ones.
Big Eyes is a cute cat meme with Anime-like eyes. From its story, this cat has experienced Japanese and American life. As a cat, it has undergone many sides of life and has suffered neglect. However, after living in Japan, it decided to help other cats.
Helping other cats translates to helping the world at large. We can see Big Eyes Coin contribute to making the world a better place to live with its charity wallet. Its charity wallet is a set-aside wallet with 5% of its total token supply. Aside from that, 1% of every tax fee generated from its NFT transactions will also go to charity.
Big Eyes is also spectacular with its community, from the community events to the merch and even the NFT club. The NFT club will be called Sushi Store. It will be a club where members can get different Big Eyes NFTs. Lest I forget, cute art would be a big part of Big Eyes Coin, so, they are going big on NFTs. It also plans on creating physical NFT events to bring its community together. There will also be a merch store where users can get beautiful cat-themed wear.
Big Eyes Coin tokenomics also makes it stand out from other cryptocurrencies. Its no-taxation policy makes it the most attractive. Aside from that, it makes 70% of its tokens available to the community from day one. It is also locking 20% for two years to provide liquidity.
Big Eyes Coin offers 5% bonus tokens to its users who purchase with the ‘BIGG8596’ code at the checkout!
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