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The cryptocurrency industry has been enthralled in battle, with crypto combatants facing a moment of reckoning after the catastrophic collapse of crypto exchange FTX and numerous other hurdles.

Despite 2022 being a challenging year for digital assets galore, these three cryptocurrencies are looking to change the game once and for all.

Cardano – Preparing To Win

Since its launch in 2017, Cardano (ADA) has remained a dependable asset, even in the midst of the crypto crash. Once launched, it entered the market at just $0.0024, reaching its peak price of $3.1 in 2022. This perseverance in a turbulent market indicates that it is likely to flourish as 2023 progresses.

Although the price of the coin has since dipped, it continues to bounce back, seeing a recent spike to $0.28. This gives investors the opportunity to diversify into the Cardano blockchain before a future price rise. Cardano is the first blockchain built on peer-reviewed research, using evidence-based methodologies, making it the embodiment of Web 3. Considering its latest figures, Cardano is a strong contender for a future bull market.

Polygon – Pulling Out All The Stops

Polygon (MATIC) was launched in 2017 and operates using the Ethereum blockchain. The popular currency uses MATIC as its native token. Polygon entered the market with the aim of connecting Ethereum-compatible projects and blockchains to help them grow. Polygon delivers many benefits, including fast transaction times, low-cost transaction fees and increased flexibility.

Polygon has seen a few small dips recently, however, there is no time like the present and now is a brilliant time to invest in the crypto, with its repeated bounce-backs this January.

Big Eyes Coin – Leading The Crypto Crusade

Big Eyes Coin (BIG) is a fantastic low-risk investment for your portfolio. The cat-themed meme coin is currently selling for cheap on its presale, which has already raised a whopping $16.6 million. Currently, the coin is in the ninth stage of its presale. Once launched, investors will be able to buy and resell the tokens at a vastly higher price. With the prediction of a price increase immediately after launch, now is the purr-fect time to invest.

Big Eyes Coin offers numerous DeFi solutions and initiatives, appealing to its fast-growing community. With the Big Eyes Coin presale going from strength to strength recently, the team has released a 200% launch bonus. To get involved, just use the code LAUNCHBIGEYES200 when purchasing Big Eyes.

Big Eyes Coin has a new calculator feature on its website, so users can connect their crypto wallet and see the potential gains of their purchase. If someone purchases a particular amount of Big Eyes, then they can check the worth of the purchase if its value were to increase.

These crypto game changers are definitely ones to watch, and Big Eyes Coin, with its successful presale and amazing launch bonus, looks sure to be a winner. Join the winning team by following these links:

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