Cardano Founder Called Out XRP Community

Cardano co-founder Charles Hoskinson recently reported to counter the members of XRP community. The hit back came in the wake of the claims made by crypto asset supporters. The claims were alleging Hoskinson to try to damage the reputation of Ripple network and create fear-uncertainty-doubt (FUD). 

Earlier XRP community members pointed out Hoskinson’s comments on the network. He was more or less showcasing concerns regarding the estimated date for the ongoing Ripple vs SEC lawsuit to come to an end. But the response of community members made Input Output Global CEO mad about it.

Hoskinson cited the comments during his December 12th Ask Me Anything (AMA) session and said that “I talked a bit about a rumor that I had heard from a pretty reliable source who was close to the case about a potential resolution of the case by December 15th. So, I just threw it out there and said, well, that’s something I’ve heard”

In addition, he was asked about Cardano being a security and in his reply it was normal to refer to the ongoing XRP case. 

The Ethereum co-founder tried to clarify that the statements he made were out of the ‘rumor’ being talked about by many within the community. However, after the clarification, people took it as the message being spread by Hoskinson himself that he believed the result of the case to come by December 15th. 

Given the Ripple community’s unexpected response, Hoskinson called those specific people within the community to be ‘close-minded.’ 

In addition to denying that XRP is a security, he said that he did not believe the SEC was bought off to pursue Ripple, calling the allegations “a conspiracy.” Additionally, he pointed out that just because Ethereum was treated more kindly than other companies for some reason did not always suggest that there was bribery and corruption.

“For expressing that, the XRP community brutalized, tormented, and insulted me, and now I’m being brutalized once more.”

Therefore, I’m left wondering: “Is there any point to bringing up, dealing with, or talking about anything related to XRP? and considering what has transpired, I don’t believe there is at this time. He continued by saying, “If questioned about XRP in the future, I’m just going to say “NO COMMENT,” remarking that he had never encountered a community that was so eager to attack someone who, to be honest, had not attacked them aggressively.

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