BTSE Launches BTC and ETH Earn Products

Digital asset exchange platform BTSE announced the launch of its Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH) earn products.

Following the launch, investors can generate passive income, according to BTSE, and the new products add to the growing range of options in BTSE Earn.

The announcement also added that the products will start at an annual percentage rate of 4.5% and potentially touch 60%. Users can also select a deposit duration of 30, 60 or 90 days with a minimum deposit of 0.5 ETH or 0.03 BTC.

Retail investors from BTSE make more than US$1.5 billion in volume on BTC and ETH futures per day and the company stores more than 99% of its customers’ funds in cold wallets to safeguard client assets.

BTSE said that it does not rely on third-party technology and uses self-hosted servers. The company leverages financial decentralisation while enhancing convenience, accessibility and returns.

“BTSE Earn products give our users an easy way to earn interest on their assets. This new offering with no minimum investment requirements, no penal lock-in options and attractive returns will provide the much-needed flexibility to users who are looking into diversifying their asset portfolios. Given the high annualised interest rates, we foresee strong interest in both our products,” said Henry Liu, Chief Executive Officer of BTSE.

“With the current volatility in the cryptocurrency space, choosing proper crypto asset products is crucial. We’re committed to helping our users make sound decisions with strong upside potential,”  added Henry.

BTC and ETH are the largest cryptocurrencies by market capitalisation.

According to a recent report from Blockchain.News, BTSE has become the first crypto exchange to offer perpetual futures trading for the world’s newest stablecoin, US Decentralized (USDD).

BTSE’s offerings in its Futures feature, including perpetual futures for USDD, may appeal more to experienced traders. 

However, for less advanced users, BTSE provides a collection of resources and learning materials — the BTSE Testnet, tutorials, and a support centre — to introduce the mechanics behind futures. The materials can help users understand the risks and rewards involved in BTSE’s future products and provide traders with a way to backtest strategies or formulate plans to profit from market volatility.

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