Binance seizing the opportunity to hire the best talent in the market

Cryptocurrency exchanges behaving different in the market.

Crypto market crash is a common phenomenon which has been occurring since the inception of cryptocurrency. In the past experiences of crypto fall, the crypto exchanges indifferent to the fall as they were able to revive the market back. This year, when the market plummeted, the implosion was devastating. Many crypto experts even believe that the market is about to enter the phase popularly called as “The Crypto Winter.”

This time, the implosion has been such that it has influenced the crypto companies to take hostile steps. Many of the crypto exchanges are laying-off employees and rescinding from the opportunities provided. While some are opening thousands of job positions in the company to fill in. The confusion is seriously the affect of the implosion which is certainly wreaking a havoc in the minds of people dealing in cryptocurrency.


Coinbase strikes the first blood.

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In this bear market, Coinbase was one of the first companies to lay off 18% of its workforce. Being one of the biggest cryptocurrency exchanges in the world, the move certainly surprised a lot as the pessimism started spreading around the market that one of the biggest crypto exchanges is not able to the blunt of the crypto market crash.

Following Coinbase, crypto exchanges such as and BlockFi, also laid-off employees to cut the cost. While it is noted that laying-off workforce is the general notion among the crypto dealing companies to cut the cost in this situation, Binance, a crypto exchange company has announced opening for at least 2000 members in its company.


Binance tries to seize in the opportunity.

According to Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao, despite the plummeting crypto market, the company created 2000 new hiring jobs on Wednesday. The company’s employment board has been updated to reflect the new positions available throughout Europe, Asia, Africa, South America, and the Middle East.

The primary objective according to the CEO of Binance is sustainable growth through any market conditions and hence he went ahead to hire thousands of people in his company.

Following Binance, Kraken and Polygon have also accelerated the process of hiring amidst the industry-wide job cuts. All the three companies are looking to seize the opportunity to hire the best of the talents in the industry to help their businesses grow sustainably.


Writer’s report.

Crypto market crash is certainly causing a havoc in the minds of investors and institutions. While, there is no guaranteed way out for the market, the hiring method by Binance, Kraken and Polygon, give a ray of hope that the sun will rise tomorrow for crypto.

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