Bill Siveter, World’s Biggest Ipod Collector, Cashing Out for Cryptos

By Jennifer Mason

The Cryptocurrency trend currently is an ugly image for investors ‘Hodling’ coins. However, many new investors and past investors are buying back into cryptos, hoping the ‘floor’ has been hit. And now ‘The Ipod King,’ real name Bill Siveter, plans to join the frenzy by investing a portion of recently acquired fortune.

Converting Ipods to Cryptos

Siveter earned what’s thought to be in the ballpark of half-a-million dollars (USD) from selling his iPod collection. Some of his first generation players were rare models that fetch over $20,000 (USD) on eBay today. And public auction data is far different from private collector prices.

Either way, Prices for mint to near mint players have soared since Apple discontinued the mp3 player. Where the early iPod originally sold for $399 in 2001, today it’s almost impossible to find one in top condition for even close to this price.

The latest Apple ipod model is the 7th generation. It was released just 3 years ago in May of 2018, but of course is not fetching such grand prices as the ‘classics.’ And though with time, prices may grow, Apple fanatics would likely be more interested in releases that came from the Steve Jobs era.

Siveter has the luck of having them all however. He grew a passion for this music tech at a young age and has owned an array of different models of the Apple iPod since its 2001 release. Each year it was updated the music aficionado purchased more, challenging himself to find different colorways and versions.

That light addiction paid off in big dividends. Siviter sold a part of his collection during the nostalgia trend. While using a portion of the earnings to travel with the pulchritudinous love of his life, he’s taking another gamble on a new tech interest with a portion of the other funds.

This investment could pay off bigger.

Buying Cryptocurrency in A Recession

“Everyone has to research this stuff themself, but I believe with prices being so far down it’s a time to try my luck. Polygon, Ethereum, SHIB, and SafeHaven have a bright future,” said Siveters on his next investment according to iLounge. The “King of Ipods” is getting into cryptos.

A risky move, cryptocurrency has seen falling values all week. However, this severe drop in prices is an opportunity in the eyes of many..

Polygon (MATIC) is down to 53-cents (USD) per coin. This is a far shot from its $2.92 high last December. The upside to this token which has many like Siveter excited is its connection to the Metaverse. Companies like Indian Hostel, Zostel’s Zo World, and Facebook’s parent company Meta Platforms Inc, have announced partnerships with Polygon (MATIC) for Web3. This includes NFT projects, Metaverse and Crypto gaming projects. And the bottom line to most analysts, any brand partnered with Facebook is likely to have major growth in time. This could potentially be Bill Siveter’s key from converting his iPod sales into being financially free.

The iPod King’s next choice of Ethereum (ETH) is also an expected big-rebounder. Currently priced just above $1350 (USD), it’s far bound from last year’s ATH of $4,867 (USD). This is one of the biggest tokens of all cryptos. Public opinion suggests it is one of the most likely to latch on as a common use token in the future. If this were to happen, it could easily multiply in value ten times.

Also, the ETH 2.0 merge can influence Ethereum token value as well. The ‘upgrade’ supposed to take place between Augusta and November according to developer Tim Beiko, will increase transaction speeds and lower gas fees.

“I’m just not as convinced that targeting more than a rough target, date-wise, is possible,” he said. When asked what the rough target is, he mentioned a range between late August and November unless there’s a “catastrophic event/failure/series of normal bugs,” wrote Beiko on Twitter.

The last of Siveter’s alt-coin choices are Shiba Inu (SHIB) and SafeHaven (SHA). SHIB does not have great utility yet, but it does have an incredible following. The man-power from ‘average joes’ behind this token can create a plethora of potential profitable situations. The most discussed currency is probably the ‘dog park’ and SHIB’s venturing into the MetaVerse.

Currently valued at .00000819 (USD), the all-time high for Shiba Inu cryptocoin was .00008 back in October of 2021. A riskier token to gamble on, if it was to reach its ATH again, it would make Siveter nearly 20x richer. Still however, many view SHIB as a high risk.

SafeHaven and the SHA token however, have a few unique plans that will create great utility for the cryptoverse. And as Siveter’s last token of choice mentioned, appears to be a more stable choice than SHIB token.

SafeHaven just released SafeSwap, an atomic swap exchange, for the crypto-public. And this cryptocurrency exchange, helps bridge payments between different cryptocurrencies and wallets. The ‘hook’ is that these atomic swaps need SafeHaven’s SHA token to function.

Beyond SafeSwap, it’s also rumored that SafeHaven’s ‘inheriti’ solution is going to be released in the coming year. The SHA token could become a factor in the way users make sure their ‘crypto inheritance’ is secured. However, this is simply speculation.

The one thing that is for sure through all the news, it’s a great time to buy cryptocoins. The market is currently in a free fall to its lowest prices in years and those who can withstand HODLING through the ‘crypto winter, will emerge with a new wealth.

Bill Siveter may just be on the path to becoming a crypto millionaire.

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