Bill Murray Tackling a Lifetime of Stories With New Ethereum-Powered NFT Project

Legendary American actor and comedian Bill Murray is launching a new Ethereum-based NFT project this month that will feature heavily on stories from his life and about his life. 

According to an interview by Decrypt with Murray’s son Jackson, the famed actor is looking to share many of the stories from his entertainment career in the form of an NFT project. The report claims the project, dubbed “The Bill Murray 1,000”, is being launched as a collaboration between the website “The Chive” and blockchain startup Project Venkman. 

The project will offer up 1,000 NFT collectibles based upon 100 stories from Murray’s career, including his movies and Saturday Night Live career. The report claims each NFT will be based on an original painting of Murray by artist David Grizzle with unique backgrounds. Each piece will also tell a story about Murray, via text and imagery. 

Jackson Murray told Decrypt that his dad became interested in an NFT project after having a chat with The Chive co-founder and President John Resig. Resig called the next period of Murray’s evolution, “definitely NFTs,” which the actor was initially not in favor of. However, Jackson says his father eventually came around to the idea of launching an NFT collection, and was well aware of the potential of digital items. 

Jackson said his father was into the idea of creating a membership pass that would give collectors incentives, including access to future in-person events to meet the celebrity actor. The NFT collection would also provide an avenue for Murray to share his true stories with the world. 

Jackson said, 

I get asked all the time: ‘Is this story real? Is this a real thing that happened?. [The NFTs are] a vehicle for me, and then [Bill] also, I’m sure, to answer those questions without having to repeat the same story nine times in a row.

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