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At A Glance Guide to Cayman Islands DAO, DeFi and Virtual Asset
Legal Services here.

We are the market leader in the Cayman Islands for
Decentralised Autonomous Organisations (DAOs) and Decentralised
Finance (DeFi).

Using flexible and innovative structures, we help launch new
DAOs, wrap or advise existing operational DAOs, and assist with the
private sales, airdrops and grants of tokens and NFTs. Our
cross-jurisdictional capabilities mean we can also advise on the
best structures to use for public sales and distributions.

We have helped DAOs carry out virtual asset issuances, manage
treasuries, make investments, provide marketing services and
operate grant programmes. In addition we have helped numerous
centralised businesses to become decentralised.

We advise the worlds largest traditional virtual asset

We advise and structure traditional virtual asset businesses
including virtual asset funds, lenders, traders, consultants,
brokers and custodians. If necessary, we can assist such businesses
becoming licensed and regulated.

The Cayman Islands remains an attractive offshore jurisdiction
for any virtual asset business because of its tax neutrality, its
sophisticated structuring options and its world-class level of
professional services.

About Ogier’s DAO, DeFi and Virtual Asset Legal

Experience:  We have experience with DAOs
and other governance models, DeFi projects related to decentralised
exchanges, liquidity pools, farming, staking and more, NFT and
other virtual asset issuances, crypto funds, proprietary trading
vehicles and other investment structures as well as other
blockchain-based businesses ranging from crypto lenders and gaming
vehicles to security audit firms.

Regulatory:  We carry out an in-depth
analysis of your project and provide a full written memorandum of
advice. We can work with regulators to get your project licensed or
registered if appropriate and necessary.

Structuring: We advise on the most
suitable vehicle for your project and, if necessary, can provide
cross-jurisdictional advice for the most appropriate structure. We
work with experienced formation agents, AML compliancerms,
secretaries, directors and other service providers to achieve your

Drafting: We can draft or review the documents
needed for your project including SAFTs, SAFEs, token purchase
agreements, grant agreements, incentive schemes, service agreements
and other terms and conditions.

The content of this article is intended to provide a general
guide to the subject matter. Specialist advice should be sought
about your specific circumstances.

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