Animoca Brands Corporation Ltd and subsidiary Quidd launch Mintables, an Ethereum-based NFT minting feature

Animoca Brands Corporation Ltd and its subsidiary Quidd have launched Mintables, a feature that enables collectors to mint and unmint digital collectibles into non-fungible tokens (NFTs) on the Ethereum blockchain.

The first collection to launch alongside the Mintables feature is the Atari x Quidd Collection, available on the Quidd website and soon to be accessible on GAMEE’s Arc8 mobile application.

Quidd says Mintables will “dramatically” reduce the cost, time and complexity of minting an NFT, using only a self-custody wallet with no cryptocurrency requirement.

“Delivering user choice”

“With Mintables, we are delivering user choice in addition to true digital ownership,” Quidd CEO and co-founder Michael Bramlage said.

“Why should the platform decide if a digital item should be on a blockchain, or even which blockchain? The Mintables initiative gives real power to the collectors.”

The company says Mintables provide “off-the-shelf” interoperability with NFT marketplaces including OpenSea and Rarible.

Mintables can be unminted and reminted to new blockchains, at the owner’s discretion, offering a new level of control for NFT owners to shift their NFTs to major blockchain ecosystems if and when they want.

Officially licensed Atari collectibles are available to mint and unmint to the Ethereum blockchain for the introductory price of $3 per mint.

In the near term, Quidd intends to open up more collections for minting and will add support for more blockchains, including WAX, Flow and Binance Smart Chain.

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