Analyzing the Crypto Giants’ Price Predictions for 2024

The race is on to see which crypto token will ascend to the top this year. As bullish forces lend the market a much-needed lift, many tokens are resultingly rallying. But knowing which ones will make it out as top gainers by the end of the year is imperative for investors looking to walk away with winning strategies. Two tokens are expected to outpace others as clear winners. Experts suggest that VET and NFTFN will be trending assets in 2024. Let’s examine why they have that potential and which token will grow beyond the other.


Crypto investors may already be acquainted with VET, the VeChain network’s native asset, thanks to its massive rally in 2021. The token showed a thrilling 14,638% surge that year to take investors by surprise. Obviously, those who held the tokens back then were more than excited. This surge was observed because of VeChain’s growing adoption, setting VET’s price to get the push when bullish forces made their way to the market in 2021.

VeChain is an open blockchain network aimed at simplifying enterprise-related operations. Companies wanting to improve their processes are turning to the network in droves, with it witnessing the largest inflow in 2024. And that positions VET to repeat its rally from 2021, which investors should experience to collect as much returns as possible.

The token is presently trading at $0.046 and is expected to reach $0.1 by April end. Once it achieves that price point, VET can surge like it has previously and hit $1 this time around. Beyond that, some experts believe VeChain’s burgeoning adoption by numerous enterprises for their supply chain management needs will push VET’s price over $5.


While VET has stayed in the crypto market for a while now, the NFTFN token is a new entrant and is just in its presale stage. It is currently offered at a small price of $0.025, which crypto experts claim will rapidly grow into the double digits. The token is forecasted to hit the $10 mark by the end of 2024. If the prediction comes true, the token will offer its presale investors 400X returns.

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Many reasons to believe the predictions coming true exist, with the main one being the cutting-edge use case advanced by the NFTFN trading application, the platform that the NFTFN token is native to. The NFTFN platform is an NFT trading application with the transformative capability of marking the next phase of evolution in the NFT segment. Its use case allows anybody with as little as $10 to trade blue-chip NFTs worth thousands fractionally to tap into their robust price actions.

That capability will let any NFT enthusiast indulge in trading expensive NFTs, a possibility reserved for affluent NFT players in the past. Surely, NFTFN will thus become the gateway for the influx of new users and witness undoubted adoption. With that, the NFTFN token’s price will surge gigantically to meet expert predictions


A Clear Winner Exists Among the Two Contenders

VET and NFTFN are the tokens to look out for this crypto summer. With high upside potential, these tokens will invariably make holders rich if they add both to their portfolios at the right time. And that time is now. While both show great potential, experts side with NFTFN because of its newness to the market. A platform yet to be launched and adopted gives it greater potential to shoot up when the platform observes mainnet deployment and NFT users invariably rush to it.


NFTFN is the go-to platform for perpetual trading of diverse assets like Blue-Chip NFTs, Crypto, and Real-World Assets. With a minimum investment of just $10, users can easily take long or short positions on their chosen asset class, catering to traders of all levels.

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