4 Altcoin To Hit All-Time High Next; Buy Now

According to the fear and greed index, a major shift in users’ sentiments is seen from greed to neutral following the Bitcoin plunge. As a result, the market is declining, putting downward pressure on the rest of the cryptocurrencies. However, a few altcoins have kept the trends alive and are closer to rising to new all-time highs. On that note, let us look at altcoin, which might hit an all-time high next and can bring profits even in these market conditions.

Kaspa (KAS)

Kaspa is trading at $0.159 with a market cap of 3.8 Billion, ranking it 25th on CoinmarketCap. The altcoin exhibited a bull rally for weeks, setting an all-time high record earlier before declining due to the market’s downfall. However, the chances of recovery are high as the investors are eyeing higher gains. The KAS price is just 17% away from the ATH, and if the market recovers in the upcoming days, it can surge way higher.


Once again, the Notcoin began rising following its previous rally, where it set an all-time high of $0.02896 at the beginning of the month. It is trading at $0.01969 and has gained some hike even in this declining market, indicating surging demand for this altcoin among investors. As per analysts, the Notcoin price might rally up to 75% in the upcoming days once the overbuying phase is over.

Ondo (ONDO)

Ondo is in prime time, where its value has been continuously bullish since February 2024, creating higher and higher peaks. The altcoin has recently reached an all-time high target of $1.48 and is under consolidation following the Bitcoin price drop. However, the bulls are still active for Ondo, and the price may gain a quick recovery following the months of the rally. At the time of writing, the ONDO price is $1.22, which is just 17% away from the ATH, making it easier for recovery.

io.net (IO)

IO was launched just three days ago and instantly gained investors’ attention. It is the native token of io.net, which is a decentralized Artificial Intelligence computing network. Because of that, the hype almost immediately caused its price to surge as high as $6.45. Though the altcoin has drifted 18% away from that and is at $5.29, there is a high chance of it surging again, according to the analysts.

Before the ongoing market drop situations, the days were quite bullish for cryptocurrencies, where many altcoins flourished to new all-time highs. The same can happen again once the market trend shifts.

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