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Meme cryptocurrencies are backed by a loyal community of supporters. Dogecoin ($DOGE) is the original meme cryptocurrency that started a revolution largely driven by its loyal holders who kept shilling the token on various social media channels. Shiba Inu ($SHIB) is another meme cryptocurrency that has developed a strong community. BudBlockz ($BLUNT) is an upcoming cannabis marketplace that strives to build a loyal community along with strong utilities. Meme coins often find it difficult to survive if they do not have strong use cases. However, BudBlockz is building unique and innovative solutions for the cannabis industry while leveraging the power of meme communities to amplify its marketing efforts.  

BudBlockz is working to leverage meme community power while being backed by strong utilities

BudBlockz is a cryptocurrency powered marketplace for the cannabis sector. Users will be able to purchase cannabis products through the BudBlockz e-commerce marketplace and make payments through the $BLUNT Token. Payments processed through $BLUNT will enable quick transactions at lower costs. The $BLUNT Token can be bought on presale here.

BudBlockz has been able to build a loyal community of holders in a short period of time. A private sale resulted in 26,880,000 tokens being sold quickly. The presale is a good period to accumulate this new cryptocurrency at low prices. 

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Some of the major use cases of $BLUNT include:

  1. Cannabis marketplace for customers and peer-to-peer transactions powered by blockchain technology. 
  2. Ganja Guruz NFT collection for special discounts and fractional ownership of cannabis farms and dispensaries. The Ganja Guruz collection will be listed on Opensea. 
  3. Decentralized finance through the BudSwap exchange for generating passive income. 
  4. Airdrops and attractive rewards through a play-to-earn ecosystem comprising arcade games built on cannabis themes.  

The $BLUNT Token has managed to create publicity through its loyal community and plans to issue airdrops and rewards in the future for all its users. The $BLUNT Token can also be staked so you don’t have to sell the coin to book profits. Simply watch your earnings accumulate over the long term through DeFi and staking.  

Dogecoin registers considerable gains 

Dogecoin is a meme cryptocurrency backed by a powerful community of loyal holders and has recently been seeing gains. The $DOGE Token is widely used as a payment cryptocurrency and has had a history of supporting community causes. The Dogecoin cryptocurrency led to a revolution of meme tokens and is largely credited for making cryptocurrencies popular among retail users. The $DOGE Token is backed by celebrities including Elon Musk who regularly tweets about the project.  

Shiba Inu burn rate increases as token registers another rally

Shiba Inu is another cryptocurrency inspired by Dogecoin. The $SHIB Token saw a huge rise in value in the past and remains a hot favorite among investors. The Shiba Inu community has implemented a burn mechanism to reduce supply which is expected to push prices in the long term. The Shiba Inu platform also has plans for a metaverse solution to develop strong use cases for this community token. 

Learn more about BudBlockz (BLUNT) at the links below:

Official Website: https://budblockz.io/ 

Presale Registration:: https://app.budblockz.io/sign-up 

Telegram Group: https://t.me/BudBlockz 

Discord Server: https://discord.gg/s7hBFgvTmN 

All BudBlockz Links: https://linktr.ee/budblockz

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