“Not A Single Mention of Cardano, Pretty Low,” says Hoskinson on Coinbase’s 2023 Market Outlook Report ⋆ ZyCrypto




Charles Hoskinson, Cardano’s co-founder and CEO of IOHK, has taken a swipe at Coinbase for leaving Cardano out in its “2023 Crypto Market Outlook” report to institutional clients.

The report, which sought to expound how the dramatic events of 2022 will shape the crypto landscape for years to come, apparently left out Cardano, one of the largest crypto networks in the ecosystem, choosing to discuss only Bitcoin and Ethereum.

Following the report, Hoskinson tweeted, “Not a single mention of Cardano. Pretty low and pretty sad. I honestly expected better.”

The tweet sparked mixed reactions, with a significant number of observers bashing Coinbase for willful neglect.

“I was recently curious why NEWS and COMMUNITY UPDATES on Coinbase, under Cardano, are out of date. Is that Coinbase’s job to keep it updated? How come Solana has recent news?” one follower replied, referring to the exchange’s community updates section, which has continued to post other coins, leaving out Cardano since October.




Others chose to support Hoskinson by sharing Cardano’s milestones. Cardano Foundation, the Swiss non-profit promoting the Cardano protocol’s growth, outlined some Cardano highlights for 2022. In a thread of tweets, the foundation noted that the Cardano ecosystem had experienced explosive on-chain growth. As of Dec 21, there were 3.80M Cardano wallets, of which 1.2m are delegated, marking a 47% increase from last year. Transactions count on the network also shot by 139% to 56.9M in the same period.

Notably, in September, the Cardano team executed the Vasil upgrade, which promised to improve the scalability and smart contract functionality of the Cardano network. Although we are yet to see an explosion in Cardano DeFi due to the upgrade, experts believe things could change in 2023.

The Cardano team has been working on Cardano Improvement Proposal (CIP) 1694, an upgrade that will lay the foundation for community governance and self-sustainability for the Cardano ecosystem. Through the proposal, Cardano is set to become fully decentralized “so much so that even IOHK, Emurgo and Cardano foundation cant be making all the decisions,” according to crypto-focussed YouTuber Cryptorus.

In the past year, the Cardano foundation also strengthened its mission and core values by partnering and collaborating with more than ten leading institutions worldwide, including the National Wine Agency of Georgia and the UNHCR.

ADA whale, a Twitter service that specialises in providing community updates on the Cardano ecosystem, also announced that it would be starting a new series called “LatestOnCardano” to cover news on Cardano’s vibrant ecosystem, which often goes unreported.

“In this series, I highlight base layer upgrades, statistics, dapps, SPOs, NFTs, governance and community. All things Cardano. Irregular but hopefully frequent,” wrote ADAwhale.

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