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The artificial intelligence model Claude has identified various factors that could contribute to Cardano (ADA), the 10th cryptocurrency by market capitalization, reaching $5.

According to Claude, the volatility and uncertainty of the crypto market make it impossible to predict exactly when or if this will happen. However, it points out the key factors that could drive the price of ADA.

What needs to happen for ADA to reach $5?

Claude AI argues that for ADA to reach $5, its adoption and real-world usage must primarily increase. It highlights that as more projects and companies utilize Cardano’s technology and its smart contract capabilities, they may attract more use-cases, thus boosting its price.

Another key factor highlighted by Anthropic’s AI model is the continuous technological advancements in the Cardano ecosystem. Unlike other cryptocurrencies, Cardano has distinguished itself with a rigorous focus on peer-reviewed academic research and its modular layered architecture, allowing for updates and improvements in a more methodical and well-founded manner.

Although Claude details this characteristic of Cardano as one of the key factors that could drive its price, it has been one of the most significant complaints from project detractors for years. However, its founder, Charles Hoskinson, has responded firmly to recent criticisms towards Cardano (ADA), emphasizing the strength of the Cardano ecosystem, stating that they are “holding all the winning cards.”

According to Hoskinson, Cardano has the best path towards scalability, governance, and innovation. He also emphasized the upcoming advancements in SanchoNet, a test network for the scalability solution Hydra, and Ouroboros Leios, which he described as “the greatest advancement towards solving the blockchain trilemma.”

Claude also highlighted the role of institutional and retail investors as an important factor in driving the price of ADA. Just as with BTC after the approval of ETFs in January that propelled its price to a historical high of nearly $74,000, Claude pointed out that if more hedge funds, investment firms, or large corporations start investing in Cardano, ADA could skyrocket to new all-time highs.

However, it also emphasized the importance of regulatory clarity as a key factor for the emergence of ADA, stating that clear and even favourable regulation towards the crypto industry could provide more certainty and confidence to investors in such assets, which tend to be more volatile than traditional ones.

Finally, Claude pointed out the scarcity and dynamics of Cardano’s fixed maximum supply of 45 billion ADA, highlighting that a portion of transaction fees is burned, removing them from circulation “which could create scarcity over time and increase the perceived value of ADA,” said Claude.

Although Claude has identified various factors that could drive the price of Cardano to $5, it is important to note that the cryptocurrency market is highly speculative and volatile, and “no one can predict prices with certainty,” so it is important to conduct your own research before investing in any cryptocurrency.

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